Happy 89th Birthday To Neely Fuller: Creator of the Code

October 6, 2018



My Personal Social Skin Experiment

October 6, 2018

I like to do experiments on people, not like whites and Jews when they alter our DNA, but rather social experiments to get evidence for things I really already know are true. This time I decided to perform a skin darkness experiment on the general population. I live in Florida so there is no shortage of sunshine on most days. In the morning I always go downstairs and get some Sun….or whatever that thing is in the sky these days. It charges my eumelanin and heals my body from the inside out. It also feeds the body so you actually eat less. Normally I’m the color of a Snickers bar but since I started doing this each and every day I’m closer to dark chocolate now. I also feed my eumelanin with Tyrosine, Vitamin A-E, Selenium, Tryptophan at night and greens whenever I can find organic. You have to drink tons of alkaline water too. Melanoids are always walking around dehydrated. No wonder we cannot hear the Most High when we are the Most Dry!!!!!!!!

serveimage (2)

So a few months ago I wondered what would happen if I intentionally made my skin darker. Would the racism and discrimination against me would increase? You already know the answer don’t you? Hell fucking yes it increased!!!! I rarely even go out anymore. I’m a sponge for negative energy and I can’t spend the rest of my life taking spirit baths to cleanse these psychos from my aura. Anyway what shocked me was that the racism increased the most from Latinos!!!!! NOT WHITES!!!!!! They were calling me black ass and all sorts of degrading terms as if there was something wrong with being darker. Of course I put curses on them but they never said anything like this when I was lighter. I had one Latino who looks almost white say to me “Damn man I’m glad I’m not black like you are……”. Hahaha……..really? Let’s see how glad you are when the Sun gets so goddamn hot that you cannot even go outside at night. I ain’t going to get them shit to  eat either. Starve bitches!!!!!!


Most of these Latinos down here in Tampa are racist as hell. Many of them are light-skinned and only date pinkazoids because it makes them feel important and accepted as if you aren’t just a Hispanic nigger to them. Latinos are idiots making the same mistakes blacks have made all over again. It’s like watching a re-run. It’s also like watching the Latino version of those dumb asses on Jerry Springer and Maury….two Jews making a killing off making fun of dumb blacks and Latinos. Most people don’t even know the difference between Spanis, Latino and Hispanic. Their ignorance is reflected in their racism too due to a lack of eduction…..basically DUMB!!!!!!!!!!


I expected to get more racism from the pinkazoids and I DID get more racism from them…..especially from whites I didn’t personally know already. That could be the Trump factor too plus deep down they know they are dying out. I got MORE love from black people which I expected. It’s like they could sense the increase in my eumelanin and were drawn to it. It’s like an envelope and a shield at the same time. The demelanoids can sense this and it produces fear in them. That fear leads to more self-hatred which they then project as racism onto us melanoids. Hahaha….no big suprises there……..the lighter you are the more racist you are almost every time!!!!!! My experiment has confirmed my suspicions. I just didn’t think Latinos hated themselves the same way many blacks do…..smh…..Maybe I can make Soul Man Part II now with C Thomas Howell ass out of the way!!!!!


Reminds me of the skit Eddie Murphy did on SNL a long time ago when he was still funny and straight where he pretended to be a pinkazoid demelanoid for a day. Light skins have less eumelanin so they behave pretty close to the pinkazoids much of the time. They have many of the same built-in insecurities and fears. SMH……..


Camille Paglia Explains How Feminism Has Cost Women Their Identity and Happiness

October 5, 2018


Honor Loretta Pleasant (falsely called Henrietta Lacks August 1, 1920 – October 4, 1951)

October 4, 2018

She died from what whites did to her 67 years ago today. Whites stole from her body to make treatments for themselves and to understand how blacks work different so they could create viruses and unhealthy conditions to kill us all. They love to poison our melanin so they can keep parasiting off of us. They are of their father the Devil.



October 4, 2018


NFL Stands For “National Faggotry League”

October 2, 2018

We all know the NFL is violent because it has to satiate the violent impulses of the pink devil European who was grafted by some psychotic bunch of our ancestors from animal DNA like dogs, pigs, etc. This is why Europeans love pork and raw meat so much and why they practice bestiality en masse.


They love dogs because they ARE dogs. To them a dog is the same species. They just got  trapped in a humanoid body but they are mostly animal DNA and ZERO human. They are not really crossing species because their DNA proves what they really are……animals trapped in human flesh. Whites are a race of homosexuals. Even a study from Yale back in 1992 proved this. Actually many of them are even trisexual or just polysexual…..anything goes in other words. They don’t even need the Jewish media to brainwash them. They came that jacked up way straight out of the white womb…..really a tomb.

Anyway I know a lot of men feel emasculated these days because the elite are trying to blur and even disintegrate the lines between male and female. They are using TV, internet, music, drugs, chemicals, vaccines, feminism, etc to make this happen faster. The women are becoming more and more masculine and the end game is one gender before moving straight into transhumanism fusing flesh with machine. Kurzweil must be having a wet dream…….fucking weirdo. But white males now have very little outlets for their aggression now. Blacks are only behaving like whites because we refuse to get land and separate from them so now we are caught up in white sickness too.

What do white males have left? 1) Join the military 2) Join the KKK/police force 3) Play violent video games like Call of Duty 4) Stay in the gym and get buff on steroids 5) Watch K1 while masturbating and finally the big cahuna 6) Watch NFL football!!!!!!!

K1 is gay and I don’t even have to explain why two males all hugged up in each other’s private parts is gay as hell but the NFL is a little more subtle….very little.

First of all the quarterback stands behind the center while he is bent over ready to hike the ball. Hike means to increase as in the size of my dick. It can also refers to taxes you cannot afford to pay because you spent your entire check on authentic gear for the game……..game meaning you are being played. Ball is nothing but Ba’al meaning master or lord. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baal. The word literally means demon. Demons are always fags because they have nothing else to do but fuck everything that moves. They are always trying to find an empty hole to plunge something into. They love the sexual energy but they never do anything but abuse it because it’s all a damn demon CAN do. Foot in football may seem innocuous but not really. The foot is the Spirit and it represents Pisces in the zodiac. Foo in Chaldean numerology is 666 and T represents a sacrifice so already just the name football is about demons and the anti-Christ having a sacrifice. It’s actually more of a ritual but what isn’t these days?!?!? Everything is now scripted and contrived with credulous, idiotic, dumbed-down Americans awing and gawing.


Secondly, let’s be honest football is about rape……specifically male on male anal rape. No wonder Bank of America pays so much money for advertising for the military. The banks and the military are joined at the hips, lips and asshole……just like Hollywood and the CIA or Washington and corporations. What do I mean by rape? The offense is always driving toward their opponent’s end zone. End zone is asshole people. They try to POUND it inside as hard and fast as they can. When they cannot pound it in with no lube then they take the Ba’al and throw it to the wide receiver. Yeah he’s receiving alright…….right up his ass in a line drive. The offense even has a tight end that can receive or block. Wow now that is some anal versatility right there buddy.  Who brought the lube? Everything is a back as in your butt. A butt is called a backside. Lube up like the Lubavitch!!!!! but watch out for the ITCH!!!!!!! All the players dress up in colorful tights (as in tight ass) with their Satanic team logos and then run around slapping each other on the ass. If you add the helmet into the mix each players look like a dick and ball running around the field chasing sperm. No women allowed!!!!!!!!!! This is FAGGOTRY GODDAMNIT!!!!!!!!!

There are 7 known gay players that have actually played in a game:


Boy it’s gettin’ good now ain’t it??!?!?! These must be the lucky seven. All this faggotry must be intoxicating for them. More ass-slapping!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!

Third, defense is basically the female or submissive male being ass-raped. All they can do is try to rush the quarterback and play cover defense so then the Ba’al goes nowhere resulting in ballsack or incomplete reception (premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction) and even interception where they then get to rape the other team as in role-playing. Talk about a rape reversal of fortune. Sometimes the ground game of the offense is so good that the only one preventing a wide open ass fuck score is the safety. He’s like the safe sex that prevents the other team from getting in the red zone. The red zone is that warning that your asshole is about to be bleeding once they ram it in another ten yards. We use the word “score” for many things but its main meaning now is penetration or sex of some type.

Fourth both sides rely on their line to either give protection or to get that damn BA’AL. The line is nothing but a phallus…..a fucking dick. It’s two dicks at the line both fighting over a testicle ball. Of course the ball has to be shaped like Stewie’s head from Family Guy or an all-seeing eye. Boy what fun!!!!!!! It’s fun to cheer for man on man rape!!!! It’s all American!!!!

Lastly once the team scores their Satanic six/sex points then they have a chance to earn another point or two. To get one point they all pile up and try to block the ball from going thru the big H which is nothing but an infinite hole. H is the 8th letter and the represents infinity and wealth. The refs give the sign it’s good and the secondary rape is confirmed for one more point. If they get cocky (and I do mean cock) then they go for two points…either lofting the ba’al to a wide-in-my-ass-receiver or once again ramming it straight up the middle. They even have a play where the quarterback can score called a sneak. That’s when the dick line is almost in and they just need some excessive force to shred the asshole for a few yards for another two points. Ahhhh now they scored eight instead of seve. Woohoo!!!!! Another successful ass-raping.

Obviously women do not have balls or testicles so this game is all about male prison rape. If I were a player and taking a knee I’d be just as careful as if I had dropped the soap. I suppose all those idiots in the crowd are actually saluting Beelzebub and don’t even realize it….but then again why the fuck would they?!?!?! It’s all anal all the time and fun for the whole butt fucking family!!!!! Cheers……


Your Children Are NOT Your Possessions – ( Stop Bossing Them Around) – Sadhguru

September 27, 2018

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