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It’s Not Race Mixing….It’s Interspecies Breeding…..Who’s Promoting It?

December 15, 2018

When I was growing up there were never interracial relationships shown on TV…….NEVER!!!!! Now it’s everywhere. When I’m watching TV I always note the company that is promoting what is really interspecies breeding since blacks are humans and whites are manimals.

Hello Fresh Steinmart Capital One Sling TV  Walmart Frito Lay Mercedes Benz Amazon Progressive JC Penney GMC 23 and me Macys TJ Maxx Marshalls Home Goods American Signature Furniture Fidelity Pfizer

and on and on and on………………they’re trying to dilute your eumelanin black people. TV is not reality. Only about 5% of us actually date outside of our race and that number is dropping not increasing. TV is telling you a vision…….the vision of the pinkazoids who know they are dying out and are trying to prevent it by hiding their DNA within ours. Don’t allow it.






Chris Rock On Hitting Females

December 14, 2018


White Women Have Sex With Their Dogs (Because They Share The Same DNA)

December 3, 2018


Remember Fred Hampton!!!!!! ASE!!!!!!!

December 3, 2018

Fred Hampton (August 30, 1948 – December 4, 1969)



Bobby Hemmitt : How to Find Your Divine Identity

December 3, 2018

Only works for melanoids and the few whites that have earned a soul…..very few.

0) Nuit, Harpokrates, Ammon, Hadit
1) Ptah, Ausar
2) Ammon, Thoth, Nuit,
3) Nephthys, Muat, Isis
4) Ammon, Auset,
5) Horus, Nephthys
6) Ra, Ausar
7) Hathor, Horus the Elder
8) Thoth, Anubis
9) Shu, Tefnut
10) Osiris, Seb, Isis, Nephthys, Eye of Heru
11) Muat, Nuit, Geb
12) Tehuti, Seshat
13) Hathor, Chomse
14) Het-Heru, Horus the Elder
15) Isis, Menthu
16) Osiris, Apis, Amushesh
17) Shu & Tefnut, Twin Merti, Rekht, Heru-Ra-Ha
18) Harmakhu, Khephera
19) Horus, Ra-Har-Khuit or Ra-Heru-Kuhodi, Pashet, Sekmet, Mau
20) Isis as Virgin, Heru-pa-Kraath, Harpocrates,
21) Amoun-Ra, Amonet
22) Maat
23) Osiris, Ausar, Isis, Auset
24) Typhon, Apep, Khephera, Hammemit
25) Nephthys
26) Set, Kemset
27) Menthu, Horus
28) Ahepi, Aroueris, Nuit
29) Anubis, Anpu, Khephera
30) Ra
31) Thoum-Aesh-Neith, Mau, Kabeshunt, Heru, Tarpesheth, Asar
32) Sebek, Mako, Satem, Ahapshi, Nephthys, Ameshet


So true……..

December 3, 2018

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. - Jiddu Krishnamurti


FINALLY!!!!!!!!! I’m So Glad George HW Bush Is DEAD!!!!!!!!

December 1, 2018

I’ll drink to that and I am!!!!!! It gives me such joy to know he’s suffering in the bowels of the very hell he created for himself…..but not only hell for him. The rest of his people are coming to visit him real soon. At least one good thing. When he sees Barbara she can’t look any worse than she already did alive……or so-called alive. haha……..

On the other side the fucker probably really isn’t even dead just like Anthony Bourdain.


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