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Birth is Actually Death and Death is Actually Birth (For Melanoids Only)

August 8, 2018

I often ponder things like why do we have to eat? There is free energy all around us constantly. Why can’t we just absorb it like blacks do with sunlight? Sunlight is nothing but condensed eumelanin. We have to sleep or else we go insane. Most of us have to work in some way to make these demonic jewish debt/death notes for food, rent and bills because we no longer know how to live off the land. Hell most people don’t even own any land. The Bureau of Land Management claims most of it out west because there are ancient black civilizations in plain site on much of that land. They allow people to have land near the coast just to drive us into the cities because it’s more efficient to poison, control and kill us there as a whole. We have to drink water or we die in 3 days. We have to eat or we die in a few months. If we don’t breathe for a few minutes………BOOM!!!!! DEAD!!!!!! It seems we are always at death’s door as if this entire reality was created from death.

serveimage (5)

Whites are in charge for now and they love and fear death it at the same time. Why? Because they come from lower realms where there is nothing but death. This reality is an upgrade for them since they are golems with demonic spirits inhabiting their genetically inferior bodies. This is a downgrade for blacks. Hell for us and heaven for them. Whites are death incarnate. That’s why they are that color. It indicates deficiency. The color white is a symbol of purity but not when you are talking about flesh. When it comes to flesh it is death and nothing but death. So all day long we mingle with these goddamn zombies who are draining our eumelanin to sustain their existence as parasites and vampires of our consciousness because someone was diabolically clever enough to genetically engineer them into existence 6000 years go. We buy into their system and hence we invite the vampire into our homes for dinner.

Whites cannot go a single day without some type of death. They eat dead food….even after it has rotted like truffles and mushrooms and call it delicacy. Most of them hate vegetables because vegetables have life in them. They eat raw meat even when it’s still moving. Death loves raw flesh. They eat the same thing in hell. They love war movies and violent video games. They love the military. They love BDSM. Sex has to be violent for them because it’s all they know. They love the police as long as they are only killing blacks and Latinos. They love randomly killing each other too…..over their money god. They love hunting defenseless animals. Some of them are even cannibals. When they eat children they usually sodomize them first, drink the blood and then eat them…… some Satanic 3 course meal. I think you get my point. THIS IS HELL!!!!!! WE’RE IN HELL!!!!!!! Wherever whites go they, by their very definition, turn the place into  hell. It is who they are and what they are. I’m not even sure they are real people. They may just be agents of this matrix just like Smith in the “Matrix” series….inserted to torture blacks because they are jealous we have souls and they don’t. They hate the Creator and blacks are the Creator in flesh. They don’t need another reason people.

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So what happens to living entities that do not have souls when they die? They return from whence they came……HELL……or to put it more accurately a lower realm than this one. Whites are basically demons on vacation from hell. This is why they fear death so much plus black people terrorize whites in their dreams. This is why whites take melatonin to sleep well at night. It’s basically ground up black people in a capsule. When whites take it it fools our black astral bodies into thinking whites are actually black and so we don’t terrorize them in their sleep. This is why whites fear blacks so much. Without their trickery we are constantly giving them hell in their dreams since we still control that realm. This is spiritual warfare people. Get in the goddamn game!!!!!!!!!

We came to this realm to evolve spiritually but when some asshole created whites using black magick and genetic engineering they trapped us down here and turned heaven into hell for us and hell into heaven for them. Now they have our frequency low enough to keep us here reincarnating by poisoning us, brainwashing us and blocking the cosmic light codes that would have already awakened us back to the pure light beings that we are. We can get out. We are going to get out. We go to the 4th and 5th dimension where they cannot exist. They remain here and the Creator, meaning us, gives the signal to destroy them all after  we have evacuated. It’s right around the corner. Do not despair. They love our despair. Give them nothing to feed on as the vampires and parasites they are. Be of good cheer. Fake it if you have to just like we did during slavery. They are too stupid to tell we are faking it anyway. Stay within their asinine, racists laws that are nothing but statues because only the Creator can create laws. Laws cannot be broken. Whites break their own laws all the time but mostly throw us in jail and prison for it while they walk or get slaps on the hand. We are not dealing with the same species people. Whites are not humans. They are animal humanoid hybrids. They should not even exist. Very soon they won’t. It’s time to continue our spiritual evolution and be re-born back into the higher realms where these nasty negative spirits cannot touch us and where we have absolute authority over them and can destroy them at will. We were rudely interrupted. Well now it’s time to interrupt the interruption and get the fuck out of here. Look up in the sky with your 1st eye pineal gland. You will see our ancestors are here. They never really left. We did.

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Peace, love and light……….everything they hate.



Whites (Edomites) Are Agents of the Matrix….. THEY DO NOT HAVE SOULS!!!!!

August 6, 2018


Why I Hate All Other Races (Including Bi-racials and Coons)

July 31, 2018

Arabs – They hate blacks because they project their hatred of themselves onto us like the rest. They have been conquering and exploiting Afraka for centuries. They are still slavetrading and sex trafficking today and have zero respect for our legacy that allowed every other race on this planet to exist……our genes and DNA. They are mostly a race of savages just like whites.

Whites – Like the Arabs they hate themselves and project it onto us. Whites say that blacks do everything evil that they themselves do as if that somehow absolves them of the crimes just by verbally flipping their own sins. Examples: Whites say blacks are violent when they drop bombs on the entire planet. Whites say blacks have sex with animals when they have sex with animals. Whites say black females are welfare queens when it’s white females that get the majority of welfare by far.

Asians – Another group that stole everything from Afrakan culture and claims to be the originators of all of it. Look at the Japanese in video games and then look at a Bantu Afrakan dialect. Look similar don’t they? That’s because the whole planet was black before these pig gene losers showed up after genetic re-engineered. Chinese and Japanese and Koreans hate blacks intensely. They are jealous like the rest. The darker southeastern Asians are usually ok with us… I give a shit either way. We are God. They are ripoffs…all of them.

Indians – These weirdos are nothing but white people with melanin. They all work in IT just like whites. They are all gay just like whites. They hate women just like whites. When I see an Indian all I see is a black white person. And they have the goddamn nerve to look down on blacks and Afrakans?!?!?! Wait until the Jew gets done with them. There won’t be a straight one left…….if there are any now that is. They all seem gay to me. And take a goddamn bath once in a while you funky fuckers!!!!!!

Red Natives – These assholes stole our birthright in our own homeland………THE LAND!!!! They migrated here from Asia and mixed with the Olmecs. Then they migrated north to what later became the US. Black natives were already here and had been here tens of thousands of years. The reds showed up and were terrified of the white male’s violent tendencies so they made backdoor deals with them so they would get land and blacks would get nothing. Look up the Dawson rolls and the Five Civilized Tribes to see how they betrayed us. No wonder most of them are dead now. Karma is a bitch………BITCH!!!!!!!

Biracials – These fuckers can’t decide who the fuck they want to be can they? One day they want to be white for the money. Then the next they want to be black to feel cool. They’re confused as hell. Fuck them. You cannot have a friend that has a variable identity. They will sell your ass out. It’s just a matter of time. Of course they think they’re all pretty because of their lighter skin and “good” hair whatever the fuck that means. All blacks have good hair. No one likes a mutt. I prefer cats.

Coons and Sellouts – These niggas are the reason blacks haven’t overcome yet. They spend their entire lives trying to undermine anything positive for blacks. They love to act as spokepersons for the alt-right, Trump, Republicans, the KKK and anyone else that looks different from us. I’ll be blunt. These people have to be killed. I ain’t going through all that Drop Squad shit.



Ice Cube – Horny Lil Devil

July 23, 2018

Pertinent as hell today since whites are dying out and they are trying to get their inferior seed into the black womb so a part of their sickness can live on through us. It will fail. The black womb destroy white genes by its very nature. Some black females cannot even become fully pregnant by the white manimal because the black womb sees the white male sperm as a separate lower species. The result is that after conception the red blood cells of the mixed abomination start to explode ( terminating the fetus unless whites give them a shot of a drug called Rhogam that prevents it. Look it up. Whitey always trying to study us, use us and become us. They have all of this knowledge because they studied the biopsy of a tumor from Loretta Pleasant, falsely called Henrietta Lacks, without her permission. The tests killed her at 31 yrs of age in 1951 in Baltimore, Maryland. There are many Jewtube videos on her life and legacy. Watch ’em.


Dr. Phil Valentine – The Metaphysics Of D.N.A.

July 12, 2018


98% Of African Americans Are In Fact Native Aboriginals

June 27, 2018

It’s not complicated people. The land was all one mass. We spread out and then the land broke into pieces. We are all from Africa homeland just not recently. Black Americans are native to the piece that split off from the Motherland falsely called America. It’s real name is Amexem. Whites lied because they had to separate us from the land. They work for darker forces who cannot come to the surface because they are inorganic. On the surface we call them Jews. They can be Italian, Spanish or many other ethnicities. They are all sent by Satan to torture the original people because we are the Most High in flesh and Satan cannot attack the Most High directly.


The Truth About Your Birth Certificate

June 25, 2018

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