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Jean Jacques Dessalines Bday!!!!!! Ase!!!!!!!

September 20, 2018


The Genetically Engineered Caucasoid Race – Brett Carr (banned on Youtube but re-uploaded)

September 20, 2018


The Williams Brothers and the Destruction of Gender in Amerikkka

September 12, 2018

Let me be blunt, to the point and point blank as hell. Serena and Venus Williams are both men. I believe Richard and Oracene, the parents, both know this and that they made their sons, who are possibly adopted, look like females because they knew even a moderately talented black male could beat the shit out of most of those lame, weak ass white female players. They couldn’t have competed well on the men’s side and the money would have been far less because of that.

Listen to Serena refer to Venus as a man:

So how did they do it? Basically two things: 1) They dressed them up like girls in all those silly looking weaves/extensions and put makeup on them and 2) Gave them estrogen shots or some other hormone to make them appear barely feminine enough that they could pass for females without losing their masculine physical advantage. Now they’re loaded with loot and trophies and Americans are so dumbed-down that they cannot see the obvious. It’s the Jewish elite trying to turn all blacks into faggots.

It’s the same deal with Michelle Obama whose real first name is actually Michael. Obama even said it on multiple occasions. Here’s one of them:

Remember that show Star Trek Discovery with Sonequa Martin-Green who played Sasha on the Walking Dead? Her name on Star Trek was Michael. On the Walking Dead she was one of the toughest characters and also a damn firefighter. Who is the fire?!?!?!? THE BLACK MAN!!!!!!!!! She’s fighting to get rid of the black man and put his ass to sleep for good. They’re using these Hollywood dupes to slowly change us all into one gender like they are.

You better wake up black people. The chemicals are nothing but the Khemites I Kill!!!!!!!!! It’s in everything. They want all of us gay to be able to keep us trapped here forever.


Why Whites Are Always On Time

September 9, 2018

Ever wonder why whites always have to be on time?!?!?! I do. Think about it. Whites are temporal beings. Time isn’t real and so they probably are not either. These Archons probably just inserted them into the Matrix to torture us. Without a soul time becomes how you measure the length of everything……excluding their short dicks but I digress.

Whites are always talking about doing all this stuff in some fucking hurry. They talk about their bucket list of dumb shit they have to do before they die. Why? What’s the fucking rush if you can reincarnate?!?!? They can’t. Whites live one life and then die returning to the lower realms they came from. They are basically on an extended vacation from hell even though they turned our heaven into hell. It’s what they do. They have the anti-Midas touch. Everything they touch turns to lead like Saturn, Kronos, the lord of time.

Well their goddamn time is running out and we need to focus our energies on accelerating all negative events to them so we are not here in 20 so-called years still waiting on these fuckers to die out. Use your imagination and think about a world of only blacks……no genetically modified losers, which include all non-blacks. Also think about the world free of 90% of blacks because they are all sellouts and coons who cannot come where the 10% are going. Let them love their fake dumb ass faggot maggot Jesus. They can all go to hell with Jesus. The Jews got that part right. Jesus really is in hell boiling in a vat of faces and crackazoids are going back there to join them in eternal suffering and damnation.

So in summation whites are always in a hurry because they know they have to go back home to hell when they die. They are never coming back………..EVER!!!!!!! Amen-RA!!!!!!!!!!!


Machinery vs Metaphysics (Guess Who Wins?)

September 4, 2018

Whites are cut off from the higher realms due to their lack of eumelanin and their calcified pineal gland. Sure a few will awaken because they put in work or got lucky enough to get some black genes. Blacks are always trying to change their behavior of whites because we are taught that all of us are humans. That is wrong. We are all hominids and humanoids. Blacks are the only true humans because we were created by the Most High and endowed with a soul. Whites are a genetic modification using human and animal DNA. They appear somewhat human physically but their minds are almost completely animal. Mix in Neanderthal and you have a warlike race of pink people who are soulless and only care about money and getting high in their vain attempts to reach the Prime Creator.

Everything blacks can do with our minds, melanin, pineal gland and sexual energy whites must find a way to do using material technology. They have no spiritual technology available to them. Our way keeps the planet nice and clean and healthy. Whites must extract chemicals, minerals and compounds from everything to create their spiritual replacement technology. Of course in the process they poison the planet and give themselves cancer but they don’t care. Nothing matters more to them than keeping our frequency low like theirs. It is encoded in their genes and DNA like Manchurian candidates. They were given a mission to destroy blacks just like the clones in Stars Wars were given until the sith lord issued order 66 and made them turn on the Jedi…….or blacks. Everything whites do is based on blacks. When you think they are being apathetic to us understand that everything they do is about us. They just don’t know it and don’t want to know it out of arrogance. Most of them really believe the lies they are taught in public miseducation that they are the greatest people ever in the Universe. Hahaha……..their arrogance blinds them and it seals their fate of doom.

Every time you damage Mother Earth she makes a note in the akashic record and then eventually she turns nature against you when you don’t fix what you screwed up. We all know whites tear up everything and then expect blacks to fix it. The problem now is that most of us act just like whites with little to no regard for the planet. That means nothing is getting fixed any more. This is why the weather has gone haywire along with Planet X. White karma has reached untold proportions and they are still doing more damage like the red algae all over Florida’s coast destroying all sealife. These creatures called whites have no idea what they really are, who or what made them and why. They just blindly seek fame and money so they can feel intelligent and powerful through materialism because they have no soul to do it the proper way by raising their vibrations. There is nothing we can do to help. They are self-exterminating because they hate themselves. They know they should not exist and now it is finally coming to fruition. They have a few years left…….no more.

Understand that when you hang around them, touch them, have sex with them, etc what is happening to you and your eumelanin as they are energetic parasitess. They would love nothing than to keep you here reincarnating so they can keep feeding on you. Your five senses tell you nothing compared to your pineal gland. It knows what they are and it knows they are draining you constantly because they are walking dead organisms. They wouldn’t even be able to move if it wasn’t for our black DNA and look how ungrateful they continue to be? They have to be destroyed. They cannot be repaired. Our reparations are their annihilation….period.


You are only a battery to them………

September 2, 2018


Money Is the Subconscious and the Conscious

September 1, 2018

Your subconscious is on the back of the dollar bill black people. It’s all Kemet. Europeans usurped your role and impersonating you. We are keeping them in power by not recognized these mental tricks of Satan.

dollar 13

On the front is who took our spirit and turned it into matter/money…..the Freemasons, Greeks, Romans, Illuminati, Jews, Reptiles….

dollar god

They are running everything so they put themselves on the front. They put our shit on the back because we are asleep in the subconscious and they are ruling us with money black talismanic magick. End this now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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