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November 18, 2018

Reparations Is A Pink Skin Past Due Bill……What Happens When You Don’t Pay Your Bill??

November 12, 2018

Brown people, falsely called black, are often familiar with what happens when you don’t pay a bill.

First you receive the late notice:


Then you usually receive a second notice before this one comes:

serveimage (1)

At this point we go into fear and panic mode especially if you have children (only pink skins and asians have kids which are goats for sacrifice) because they need the electricity, water, etc just like all of us but no good parent wants their child going without basic necessities even though we have it better here in stolen Amerikkka than much of the world.

Then finally comes the dreaded cutoff:

serveimage (2)

This one leaves you and yours sitting in the goddamn dark with candles or going to stay with family and/or friends if you have any that will take you in. Most won’t.

My point here is that pink skins have been getting cutoff notices from brown people for centuries and we still haven’t turned off the goddamn water!!!!! Why the fuck do we keep providing music, sports and all forms of entertainment to these greedy bastards when they refuse to pay their goddamn bills?!?!?! They would have a zero credit rating with the Creator. Fuck Transunion, Experian and Equifax. All those credit agencies do is ensure pink skins get and keep more of the green. Of course the true green is having an open heart chakra and being connected with nature. Since they can never have that because they were genetically engineered pink skins settle for the material version which is money with their pedophiles and rapists on the front and our Kemetic symbols on the back. This is nothing but a black magick talisman that draws greed to it and then they use that greed to maintain control of society because everyone fucks everyone else over to get more of this actually worthless shit.

dollar 13

Make no mistake about I know reparations will never happen. Why? Because that would require pink skins to admit that they did something wrong which they can never do. Also since they are trapped in the lower chakras because they have no souls the only thing they care about is money and using their material intelligence to maintain this system of white inferiority…..not supremacy. It does not make you supreme to use force to get whatever you want. It makes you a animal masquerading as a human and we all know pink skins have a plethora of animal DNA wandering around in their genes.

pink people

This completely explains most of their psychotic and antisocial behavior. They have the pack mentality of wolves because they have wolf DNA. They love anal sex just like the Bonobo chimpanzees because they have some of their DNA in them as well. Some of them have pig DNA and most have at least some Neanderthal as well along with the Rhesus monkey genes in their too. See the problem here?!?!? Brown people are one human species. Pink skins are a mixture of human and animal. We are two different species and we should never mix with them. It’s bad enough that we created them but then to taint our blood with that of manimals?!?!?!? Abomination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

serveimage (5)

But I digress. I don’t care what form reparations would take because I know the manimals will never pay it. The Jew prevents them from even considering. John Conyers couldn’t even get it on the floor with this HR40 after trying for many years just to have a goddamn discussion about it. Why? The Jews always blocked him and then they eventually threw him under the bus with those sexual allegations and then had that Botox bitch Nancy Pelosi demand that he step down in disgrace. I mean the dude was pretty fucking old anyway.

See for yourself ==>

The shit never even made it to the floor because Jews kept shooting it down and then either bribing or blackmailing pink skins to do the same.

So why is it so important for the Jew to prevent the original people from receiving reparations???? Because they are the fuckers who stole our historic ancient role and claimed it for themselves just like in the movie “Trading Places” with Eddie Murphy. They put their faggot Freemasons on the  front of the dollar bill and then stole our Kemetic symbols and put them on the back to channel our energy to them……hence pink skins sit in the front of the bus dollar and niggers sit in the back of the bus dollar or stand up if pink skins don’t have a seat!!!!!

serveimage (6)

The dollar is what keeps all of us enslaved because the Jew has separated us from nature and from the Creator. Everything we pay for should be free. No one should pay for food, water, clothing and shelter. All those things are basic human rights just like quality healthcare but remember we are not dealing with humans here. We are dealing with manimals who have no conscience except when a bunch of brown people are around and they pretend they have morals to make themselves feel good or to get some votes so they can fuck us over some more by ignoring every single concern of ours by promising everything and delivering NOTHING!!!!!!!!!

Power concedes nothing without a demand and pink skins only understand the languageS of money and violence. They have most of the money and also most of the weapons so what do we do? Well for one we reconnect with nature on a daily basis and nature will exterminate them all because our subconscious commands nature to do just that when we are connected. We don’t need anymore slave uprisings that get a bunch of us slaughtered. What does that solve?!?!? Nothing. It actually makes them more powerful because those still alive will be in fear and dread for their lives. Fear is the food of Jews and pink skins.

Another thing is we turn off the metaphorical water and electricity to Jews and pinkies. In other words we STOP performing football, basketball, acting, music, porn, etc and all the other shit we do for them to keep them entertained and us “entertrained”. No one would pay their goddamn bills if the utility company just kept everything on for free when you didn’t pay them. This is how stupid we are as a whole. If pinks and Jews won’t pay then take all of their black shit away!!!!!!!!!!!!

This final point is critical because of its metaphysical importance. If brown people got reparations what we would effectively be doing is cancelling the power of the black magick talisman called the dollar. Instead of creating greed you would be destroying it. It would be like Creed just got freed!!!!!! You would be putting the Fondling Faggots on the back and promoting Kemet back to the front where it belongs. We are not black because we do not lack anything. We are not Negro because we are not “necro” or “dead”. We are asleep but not dead. There is a huge difference.

The Jew cannot allow their black magic to be reversed because that would completely destroy their precious little phony Matrix and return things to the way the Creator intended. Kemet would be resurrected and it will be resurrected anyway but by us not by them!!!!!! In short reparations for us equals debt of death for pinks and Jews. This system is collapsing at breakneck speed so let pinkie and the brainless keep their little talismans. They are all going to die grasping and clutching at them when they draw their last fucking breaths but when the dollar dies so does this Amerikkkan matrix of energy misdirection. This is why pinks and Jews kill themselves when they run out of money. Money provides the energy they need to stay alive. They are parasites and vampires that cannot generate their own life force. They channel our melanic energy through the money using non-stop Satanic rituals like sports, movies, hell-a-vision, corporations, logos, gangsta rap, etc. It’s every goddamn where!!!!!!!!

Without money pinks and Jews have to face what they are…..soulless meatbags created using black tantra. They’re nothing…….except a lack of pigment of our imagination. Whenever pinks and Jews have to confront the truth they always commit suicide, homicide or both. They hate the truth because they are of their father…….the Devil. Stop trying to ask the Devil to do what’s right. It doesn’t make any fucking his to his genes, his DNA, his brain or anything else. You cannot have morals without a soul and you cannot have a soul when you are an artificial humans……namely a manimal. Pinks and Jews only pretend to have morals to keep our attention so they can keep us coming back to the trough only to leave hungry all over again while the pink pigs get fat and happy.


Eye of Heru in Clouds Over Phoenix AZ The Rising Sun!!!!!!!!!

November 4, 2018


The Lottery Is A Death Ritual…..MONEY IS DEBT AND DEBT IS DEATH!!!!!!!!

November 4, 2018

The lottery is a death ritual folks. It doesn’t matter what you believe. The only thing that “matters” is what is true.

Money is not what you think it is people. It’s a Federal Reserve debt note. Debt is death. The B is debt is silent so pretend it’s not there and you have DET. You pronounce the B with deBit card but that’s a different word. B is BET  the 2nd Hebrew letter and it means Wisdom represented by the right eye. It’s the Priestess card in Tarot and also signifies the Sun.

Now add an H to the end and you have DETH. The H is the 5th Hebrew letter and it means speech represented physically by the right foot. It also represents creation. It is the Heirophant of higher knowledge and also is represented by a window or fence to reveal something on the other side or higher level.

Finally add an A between DE and TH and you have it: DEATH. A is the 1st Hebrew alphabet Aleph and it means the beginning of man. It is represented by the lungs we use to breathe. In Tarot it is the Magician. It also represent air or how we communicate as in language, writing, internet, TV, etc.

serveimage (2)

Now put all three of these together and what do we have? They removed the B from DEBT. The B represents the woman. It even looks like two breasts tilted 90 degrees. We know that females love money…….too much. Then they add H for speech and creation. In other words they manipulate us through education, indoctrination and the 100% Jewish control of the media. Finally the A representing the magician turned debt into death. Now everyone that loves money also loves death. You can see it everywhere in America and most of the world.


These are the Dark Kabbalists using money to enslave us. They feed on fear like most lower entities. What do people fear more than anything? DEATH. What do people fear most after that? Being broke…..debt…….poverty…….not having money for food, clothing and shelter and being embarrassed publicly for being a financial failure.

serveimage (1)


serveimage (3)

Money is all about the Moon. They say the moon is made of cheese and the money is cheddar or cream. haha…….right in your face. The phony Moon is beaming this Matrix from the side that always faces Earth. No natural moons in the entire Universe ever face their planets perfectly all the time. It’s clearly not natural. It doesn’t even look natural. It’s clearly some type of advanced technology being used against mankind and humanity. It has the period of females all thrown out of sync. Normally females have their menses (another moon reference) where they bleed and sacrifice the ovum on the New Moon and ovulate on the Full Moon.

serveimage (2)

The Moon is supposed to be the nurturing mother and the mind but the elite deplete parasites have turned it into pure materialism, blood, ritual, perverse sex and death. Everything is now a ritual….EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! Money is also close to monkey which we know Europeans have Rhesus monkey DNA in their genes. Money also sounds similar to “man on his knees” which is where we are right now under this global central banking death/debt scheme and scam.


Monday is the first day of the week where we take your broke ass back to work to make more debt/death notes to pay your bills for things that the Creator provides for free. You may work at a corporation which is a “corpse”-oration. Every morning is a “mourning” when you “wake” up from your sleep. You’re basically dead while you are asleep so it’s like a wake before a funeral. Then you are “weak” all week long before you get two days to recuperate on the weekend from being so “weakened”. Lather, rinse, repeat until you die and then trick you into reincarnating to keep the cycle going. Five days of the week represent the five points of the Pentagram…the same number of toes on each foot and fingers on each hand. It’s also the shape your body makes when you are standing and spread your legs and arms outward.  Get it?

What happened to the real Moon? Who knows? They may have just hollowed it out so they could receive signals from the rings of Saturn. We know something is being beamed from there to the Dark Side of the Moon. Is this how the  reptilians feed on us as a species? Is it a trap no longer being used but we somehow fell prey to it as we were wandering the Universe as melanated people? Are pink skins even real or are we collectively projecting them into this false reality out of fear? These are all questions that will be answered very soon. Stay tuned.


Create Unnatural, Soulless Life and It Will Destroy You

October 26, 2018

Man is always trying to create other forms of life. The problem is what we are not the Creator so we cannot endow any of that life with a soul. All it does is create negative spirits or entities that are able to animate a corpse or physical body. It doesn’t matter whether it is insects, animals, mammals, birds or whatever. We are not one with the Creator in our present form and that means we have ZERO rights to be experimenting with genes and DNA to alter what the Creator has already set in motion.


Back during Kemet and Kush pre-dynastic times melanoids were like gods. We had all sorts of powers and could manipulate the elements at will but over time we experienced a spiritual fall for several reasons. As a result we lost many of our powers but since we missed having them so much we turned to black tantra to create other forms of life. Needless to say the pink race of savages called falsely called whites were the result.

serveimage (1)

Now the crackazoid wants to deploy artificial intelligence worldwide as a pseudo new form of life. It’s the same thing that we did using black magick but they are using machines and computers to do it. The same thing  will result. Their creation will turn on them and enslave them just like they enslaved us. They cannot avoid it. They are compulsive. They are compelled to do what it wrong and they never disappoint.


Why I Stopped Watching Walking Dead

October 21, 2018

Plain and simple this show promotes miscegenation. I don’t want to see my beautiful melanated brothers and sisters kissing, hugging and screwing these pinkzoid demelanoid parasitic vampires. It’s sickening. Rick ain’t got no dick and Carol an old ugly ass seahag bitch. What the fuck would either Michonne or Ezekiel be doing with them unless they were desperate as hell or out of their goddamn minds?!?!?!

serveimage (1)

Really?!?!? First of all Ezekiel really is out of his mind dressing up like a Rasta and then performing Victorian and Elizabethan cracka nonsense. He looks like Carol’s drug dealer. What is he into? No ass, no tits and females with dentures over 50 or something?!?!?! He should be fucking Michonne just like Morgan….who they basically threw off the show onto the sister show which sucks and is failing. I guess it was one too many black dicks for their tiny dick comfort.


And why in the hell is Michonne with a cop when they are nothing but the KKK blasting melanoid males all the time??!?! I guess she’s crazy too. Look at her holding that soulless Edomite female “kid” and I do mean kid as in goat meant for the slaughter. Then she gonna play the harcore Afrakan warrior in Panther like she one of the Dahomey?!?!?! Please…….This former sista is seriously confused. She has to understand the conflicting message that that sends to  young black females but I guess anything for the shekels. Everything is for sale these days since we have transformed money into God. Money is the God of the the Edomites……..not Afrakan people.

Melanoids need to understand that Edomites, falsely called whites, are not humans. They were genetically engineered and they are from lower planes of existence where everything is complete hell. That’s why they like it here so much. We gave them a break when we created them just like a get out of jail free card. Of course when they die they return to hell and this is why they fear death so much whereas for melanoids, at least the conscious ones, death is nothing but a transition.

Edomites drain the life out of your vital body when you stand near them, when you touch them and especially when you have sex with them. Eventually you are like Keanu Reeves when all those pale ass vampires were sucking his blood and he was too weak to move. Eventually he had to throw himself out a goddamn window to get away. This is what Edomites do to all melanoids. They are soulless and cannot generate their own energy so they must vampirize everyone and everything even nature itself. Everything they touch dies. Everywhere they go becomes another hell just like the one they came from because they bring it with them. This is why they must be sent back to the appropriate plane. They are not supposed to be here people. They gotta go back home to their hell realm….and tell ’em don’t send a fuckin’ postcard!!!!!!!!!

If you want to be constantly drained by Satanic demons and risk being permanently separated from your one and only soul then go ahead and die with them. Some have already chosen that path through their lack of knowledge. The people perish for lack of knowledge. THEY ARE NOT HUMANS!!!!!!!!!!!! They are humanoid manimals created from black tantric sex. We needed them for slaves and workers but the experiment went bad. They regrouped in Europe 6000 years and the rest is HIS-STORY. They cannot be changed and we cannot fuck them out of existence because a mixed baby is just another demon hiding in brown skin instead of a pinkazoid hiding in a humanoid body. Use your first eye the pineal gland to see what they really are. Then there will be no surprises anymore because you will understand that they are only being what they are……….THE WALKING DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WE ARE THE CHOSEN PEOPLE!!!!!!! – Young Pharaoh

October 13, 2018

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