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Liam Neeson – Racism and Rapism All In One

February 13, 2019

The Botham Jean / Amber Guyger Psyop

February 10, 2019


If you know anything about 9/11 you know the Twin Towers were a symbol of the Kabbalistic towers Boaz and Joachin representing Severity and Mercy, respectively.  Boaz is known as the pillar of strength or severity and represents the Sun. Jachin is known as the pillar of beauty or mildness and represents the Moon. Boaz and Jachin are built into the architecture of all masonic lodges. Botham Jean initials are BJ. When you see that abbreviation in your mind it takes Americans back to 9/11 subconsciously and blacks even further back to the ancient death of the sun or Heru/Horus and moon or Aset/Isis. When you destroy the mother she cannot resurrect Wsir/Osiris and give birth to Heru/Horus who would overthrow Set who represents the evil in the world.

Botham is a name of English origin that comes from the word “bottom”. Jean is just another name for John which is Hebrew, not Jewish, in origin and meaning graced by Yah. Botham had graduated from Harvard, not that common for melanoids because they make it cost too much without a full scholarship. They basically put the energy of the pink male on to this melanoid. Then they made the pink female kill the fake pink male. That’s the pink genocide the Jews are doing through emasculation of the pink male and the the MeToo bullshit movement funded of course by who? Jews….just like Black Lives Matter.

The name Amber is the same one they chose for the Amber Alert system. In other words it’s a symbol of protection for the pink female. On top of that she was a cop meaning she could take of herself because pink skins practice gender fluidity where men do the mothering and women bring home the bacon. This is because they were not naturally created so they do not exhibit natural behavior in gender roles. Even her last name says the same thing. Guy? Ger? as in Guy Gurl? as in a tomboy. Basically the pink female, pretending to be the pink male slaughtered the black royal king and his queen and thereby prevented the birth of the true Saviour, not Jesus the son of Satan, who would liberate melanoids from this global slavery, mind control and oppression.

Pink skins cannot understand the ancient symbolism because they did not exist when it happened. They only get the 9/11 reference in their subconscious but melanoids get both of them. The Kabbalists always have multiple layers of manipulation and deception just like on 9/11 itself. I’m not saying that Jean really didn’t die but the whole thing is a psyop. Guyger will be exonerated. What happens then is up to you. I already know the bulk of melanoids are going to give our attentional melanin energy right back to the Jews when they need it most. They could have already decided this case. They are waiting for the perfect time to get melanoid emotions all excited so it can fuel their next evil endeavor. WE ARE HELPING THEM DO THE EXACT THINGS WE ARE COMPLAINING ABOUT PEOPLE!!!!!! Mind is all and everything vibrates as above so below.

322 is Skull and Bones….basically Aries and Capricorn or Mars and Saturn the two malefics in astrology.

322 in gematria works out like 3×2 concatentate (1+1)= 9 concat 11 or 911. They knew way back then folks.

The Freemasons made all of this happen because they know the symbolism, the astrology and the numerology. You don’t…at least not at their level. That’s a problem that needs fixing because they stole it from you and are using it against you.  They can never comprehend it at the level of melanoids because they have no eumelanin and their pineal gland is largely calcified. Get to work!!!!


True Detective Season 3 Is A Mind Warp of Blade

February 5, 2019

Notice anything familiar about the HBO series True Detective Season 3 and the first Blade movie? Yeah it’s the Jews again……fucking with our subconscious around what happened in Kemet, falsely called ancient Egypt. Mahershala Ali looks like Wesley Snipes and they used the exact same actor that was his enemy Frost the Blood God in Blade as his partner here, Stephen Dorff aka Dork.

One difference is that Blade killed the Blood God in Blade and then after that Wesley Snipes was basically blacklisted and thrown in prison for tax evasion, which is basically evading the Jews, to keep everyone afraid not to pay their yearly tribute in taxes to Britain and the Vatican to keep us enslaved to this global Money Moon Matrix. Blade also saved the black woman, N’Bushe Wright, after his mother had been turned by Frost who was played by Sanaa Lathan. He actually had to kill his mother to save her. In the end he drank Wright’s blood to get his strength back and then beat the shit out of Frost with a coagulant serum created by Wright. In True Detective Stephen Dorff appears to be working with Ali to solve the murders of two pink skin children but his motives are still somewhat unclear after Episode 5.

Also in True Detective Ali is constantly fighting with his wife. He drinks all the time. He complains about overt and subtle racism all the time….which is actually correct for that time period. In True Detective the same theme of the black man sacrificing himself to save the pinkazoids from ritual child sacrifice recurs just like them coming to save us in the ghetto in those silly pink hero movies. In other words the Jew wants the black womb-man for themselves while discarding the black man because they are dying out. Ali cannot remember a damn thing in his old age except his partner which sounds gay as hell but that amnesia is symbolic of the same memory loss the black man has of his ancient royal role. Ali’s son represents Heru the rising Sun and his wife, represents Ast/Aset falsely called Isis. She is killed at some point but how has yet to be revealed.

One thing for sure. The outcome for Ali is not going to be the positive one it was for Snipes in Blade. Don’t let these parasitic Jews get into your head people. If they are already in there then get them the fuck out!!!!!!!! Detox them out and meditate them out!!!!!!!

Asar, falsely called Osiris, is already rising again through the birth of Heru whenever Ast/Aset is impregnated. The pink skins and their nonhuman controlling entities known as Jews, Archons and Draconians are almost out of time.

All praises due to Neberdjer!!!!!

All praises due to Bondye!!!!!!

All praises due to Oludumare!!!!!





The Roman Invention of Jesus

January 1, 2019

jesus lie


New Year’s in Amerikkka is NOT a real new year!!!

December 31, 2018

The Gregorian calendar is full of shit. It’s completely out of sync with the cycles of nature. Why? Because whites are completely out of sync with nature from being genetically engineered from primates.

The Rasurian calendar has 4 weeks in each month and each week is 9 days long. That adds up to 360 days. Then you add the 5 Epagomenal Days to make 365.

The lunar calendar has 13 months and each month is 28 days long with 7 day weeks. That adds up to 364 and there is one day called the Day out of Time.

The Chinese use a lunisolar calendar. It is Afrakan in origin of course but the Chinks never give us credit for anything. That’s why they hate us so much…because they know who we really are. They are not stupid. They just have tiny yellow dicks that barely work. Here is more on the lunisolar calendar.

lunisolar calendar is a calendar in many cultures whose date indicates both the moon phase and the time of the solar year. If the solar year is defined as a tropical year, then a lunisolar calendar will give an indication of the season; if it is taken as a sidereal year, then the calendar will predict the constellation near which the full moon may occur. As with all calendars which divide the year into months there is an additional requirement that the year have a whole number of months. In this case ordinary years consist of twelve months but every second or third year is an embolismic year, which adds a thirteenth intercalary, embolismic, or leap month.

The HebrewJainBuddhistHindu and Kurdish as well as the traditional BurmeseChineseJapaneseTibetanVietnameseMongolian and Korean calendars (in the east Asian cultural sphere), plus the ancient HellenicColigny, and Babylonian calendars are all lunisolar.

The Gregorian calendar is so wrong that many women now actually have their period during the full moon and ovulate on the new moon. That is 180 degrees in reverse!!!!!! Everything the elite do is a ritual to keep blacks asleep because they know we are the true ancient Egyptians and the true Hebrew Israelites. They are going to lose but we need to expedite the process people. ASE!!!!!!!!!!


Santa Claus or Satan’s Claws?????

December 21, 2018



Bobby Hemmitt | Firsts of All – Part 1s

December 17, 2018

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