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The Blacklist and The Player Foreshadow Paris False Flag Attacks

November 19, 2015

If you watch the right TV programs and Hollywood movies you will see exactly what the Jewish elite plan on doing to us next. On the very night before the attacks on 11/13/15 (which by the way 11+13+15=39 another numerology favorite of theirs) on the Blacklist Mossad was attacked. The female Mossad agent’s brother turned and became a jihadist. He had a Mossad safehouse bombed. No Jews died of course. Arab double agents.

So on the night before Mossad attacked us they put a TV show on where they got attacked? hahaha………yeah right……The week before they even had the nerve to bring up the Protocols of Zion as a fictitious and debunked document. We already know it’s real because it mirrors the reality of what has happened since it got mistakenly leaked. So either it’s real or someone has a time machine.

Then next The Player came on and the theme was gang warfare. The problem was that the two gangs were being pitted against each other by a hidden hand. Sound familiar? Yup the Jewish elite’s favorite Art of War is divide and conquer. Make everyone destroy each other and then present yourself as the Saviour of the world. That is exactly what is happening right now. There it is right in front of your damn face and you didn’t see it.

They have to tell us what they are doing in some way and they choose the media because they control it and they can make us think it’s fiction


The Utter Misandry of “Dark Matter” on Syfy

September 16, 2015

Since almost everything on TV these days is Jewish filth designed for the complete moral decay of society I rarely watch anything anymore beyond Food TV and tennis but since I’m into science-fiction (really it’s science non-fiction) I decided to give “Dark Matter” a try. It’s actually created by Joseph Mallozzi which is Italian but don’t know if he’s Jewish. The guy behind the series getting on air though is Jay Firestone. Guess what?!?! He’s a Jew.

Anyway the story goes like this. Six people wake up on a spaceship after having had their memories erased. They actually refer to each other with numbers in the order in which they awoke. Sounds like Fibonacci numerology already eh? Over the 13 episode season they attempt to figure out who they are and put their lives back together with little success. In the end they form a sort of new and extended family. Ironic since feminism is what Jews used to destroy the American family. Naturally the family has trust issues since their memories return only in pieces and most of the time they are fighting about money. Sounds Jewish doesn’t it?

Of course since the show’s main theme is geared toward misandry the hot chick in tights who kicks everyone in the ass appoints herself as leader of the crew. It turns out at the end of the first season (spoiler alert!!!) that she is a bio-engineered lifeform put together from a bunch of different body parts like Frankenstein (another Jew haha) and then sealed with nanobots that make her damn near invincible. I liken this to the organ harvesting that Jews did in Haiti and that is still going on with their eugenics organization now called “Planned Parenthood”. Anyway the robot that runs the ship is also super strong and can kill anyone just like the entertainment bot that was on one episode. Think about it……no male on the ship has actually had sex with a real women, just like two blow up dolls.

The second in command is some wimpy white dude who is overly emotional. He’s damn near gay. His arms are so small he looks lke a white Ethiopian. Then you have two big macho guys, one white and one black. The white guy is insecure and headstrong always looking for a battle. The black guy is more cerebral which is a surprising role for him since normally Jews kill all the blacks in the first episode or season. For some reason the black guy always looks like he is confused about something just like the little tech girl is always in an emotional uproar with wrinkled brows. The Asian dude plays his part spending almost all of the show practicing martial arts in the gym. Hahaha….Of course it turns out (spoiler alert!!!!) that the black guy is the one who sabotaged them as we not-so-eagerly await Season 2 in 2016. Blame the black man for everything!!!!!!! I think they all need some sex….real sex….with real vaginas.


Why Jade Helms” Military Exercise” Begins on July 15th

April 22, 2015

On 7/15/2015 the Jade Helms military exercise will begin. I’d like to thank Walmart for providing the bases. Asshole Waltons. Anyway, the Moon, Mars and Mercury will all be conjunct in a Cancer stellium with the Sun a few degrees away and Pluto will be opposite in the 3rd house of communication. Remember America is a Cancer from her birth date 7/4/1776. What planet rules Cancer? The Moon, the mother of emotion. We are all lunar beings until we incarnate Christ and become solar ones like the example of Jesus. These are also all conjunct the Midheaven on the cusp of the 10th house.

Transit Pluto Opposition Mars

During this period of time, you feel a great surge of physical energy and determination to achieve your goals. Projects demand your full attention and are not without problems and frustrations. You’re capable of a great amount of hard work and will often be unaware of how much energy you’re actually expending. You may suffer from exhaustion at times, but be unwilling or unable to slow down and catch your breath. You’re driven by ambition and the promise of great rewards, and have to be very aware of your motives. Your desire for power, wealth and success may lead you to use unfair or manipulative tactics to get what you want, and you’re capable of being quite ruthless, especially if you’re normally inclined in that way. You may see any opposition as an excuse to fight, and have to deal with intense anger when things don’t go your way. You may use anger to dominate other people and bend them to your will, or have to deal with another person who’s expressing unbridled anger toward you. This will be most apparent when you’re dealing with professional partnerships or involved in negotiations and contracts. There’s great potential for coercion or intimidation and although your powers of strategy are formidable, you may meet your match. If you put yourself in dangerous situations you may be exposed to violence, and in extreme situations, be the victim of violence. You also have the opportunity to direct this focus into ventures that serve a greater good, which is the most positive use of this energy. There’s no guarantee your project will succeed now, but any change you experience will clear the path for greater achievements in the future.

jade helms

Here’s what these planets and houses mean here in mundane astrology:

The Tenth House– The monarch or president, the government, people in authority. Royalty, eminent and famous persons. National trade. The national reputation, credit, and power. Public employment rate.

The Third House– All means of inland transit, locomotion, or communication, such as railways, road and river traffic, cars, etc. All means of disseminating news and information, such as the Post Office, communication networks, internet, telephones, faxes, newspapers, magazines, ephemeral publications and periodicals. It also rules neighbouring nations.

The Sun– represents the Prime Minister, monarch, aristocracy, magistrates, judges and all persons in authority and of distinction, Cabinet ministers and the like. It also represents public heroes and national champions.

The Moon– denotes the common people, women generally, crowds, and all matters of a common or public nature. The position of the Moon in a mundane chart will show where the public’s attention falls.

Mercury– governs the literary world, newspapers, publishers, ambassadors, trade and commerce, and the intellectual world. The nation’s communication and telecoms industry. Local transport issues.

Mars– governs the military, soldiers and noted military and naval men. War, terrorist attacks, industrial disputes, strikes and conflicts. Opposition forces. Fire, fire services, arson and incendiarism.

The elite will use this planetary energy to scare the living shit out of everyone, probably a nuke false flag somewhere. Then martial law will be declared. The Jewish elite eat FEAR for breakfast, lunch and dinner and they monitor astrology for energetic timing of events. Our fear fuels Saturn (Capricorn ruled by Saturn where Pluto is currently) and the Moon Matrix we live in. Remember again that America is a Cancer and this will be an attempt to control our emotions. Every time there is a false flag event Mars and Pluto are key figures because Mars provides energy and Pluto the transformation…….for better or worse. We know which one in this case. The exercise completes on September 15, four days after the 14th anniversary of 9/11 and two days after 9/13 when some horrific false flag is expected.

We could have avoided all of this folks if you would just wake the fuck up!!!!!!!!!


Joan Rivers Murdered By Jews For Outing Michelle Obama

September 8, 2014

Comedians are dropping like flies these days…..and that ain’t no joke. Robin Williams was recently sacrificed as the sad clown. He was killed on 8/11 the 223rd day of the year. 223 is 322 backwards, the Skull and Bones moniker. Clowns are known as a Satanic symbol. Children instinctively fear them for good reason. Now Joan Rivers, (aka Joan Alexandra Molinsky), or what was left of her after all that Botox, was pronounced dead on 9/4 after a minor elective procedure. I guess the elite are tired of using the old overdose excuse. The cover story for Williams was that he hung himself. Yeah right. Rivers was, is and always had been a tranny……..a Jewish tranny at that but Jews will sacrifice their own when they feel betrayed and Rivers/Molinsky wouldn’t shut her mouth about Obama being gay and Michelle being a tranny. Joan is the feminine form of John or IAO Isis/Apophis/Osiris and Rivers are water the last time I checked. That’s what they call a sacrifice folks. You can’t speak their language when you don’t know it…….kabbalah.


Clues from Clone Wars: 3/11 and Temple Mount Bombing?

February 9, 2013

Remember the Madrid bombing on 3/11/2004? Remember Fukushima on 3/11/2011? Well we are approaching another 3/11 in about a month and I noticed something very peculiar in the Star Wars Clone series today S05E17. Everyone should know by now that the Jedi are the bad guys. They want to kill the separatists who want freedom. Jedi is nothing but a conflation of Jew, Levi and mostly likely Edomite. The Jedi speak words in a similar order as Hebrew which is why people find Yoda’s diction strange and humorous.

Anyway on today’s episode the Jedi temple was bombed by a terrorist. That is akin to the Third Temple most likely being secretly built right under Islam’s nose and the Temple of the Mount. The bomber’s name was Jakar Bamani. I did a search on that and it came back with the Dark Knight. Why? Because it’s similar to Joker and Batman. That is clue#1. The ritual sacrifices at Aurora and Sandy Hoaz (I meant Hook) are both related to all of this death energy used in Jewish blood rituals.

Secondly Jakar Bamani is another B and J reference. We all know it really means Boaz and Joachin, the twin towers of King Solomon’s temple. Boaz is mercy which Jews don’t have. Joachin is justice which they also do not possess. It’s a temple of sacrifice, not of animals like goats but rather Gentiles. This is what 9/11/2011 was all about. The bomber in this episode had explosive nanodrones in his blood that were detonated, much like suicide bombers strap explosive devices to themselves externally instead of internally. Is Israel going to play the false flag game again and blame an attack on the phony Al Qaeda or maybe Hamas?

Third, Madrid was 9 years ago. Fukushima was 2 years ago. If you know any gematria you can tell that’s another reference to 9/11. 2=1+1=11 with 9 makes 911. Also 29 is the number of death. More people die on the 29th day of each month than any other day. It’s a fact.

There has been speculation that Israel is already secretly rebuilding the Third Temple or that they have planted bombs near the existing Al Aqsa mosque, the third holiest site in Islam. Surely Israel wouldn’t be this bold? Pleaseeeeee……..these Ashkhe-NAZI Jews are pure Satanic not to mention genetically and culturally deficient of any type of morality.

Finally it’s a New Moon on the last day of the Hebrew month Adar. New moons are periods of darkness and low energy because the moon in completely obscured. It’s also exactly two weeks after Purim, the favorite day for Jewish elites to slaughter unsuspecting Gentiles. It’s also on a Monday which is Moon day. This world is ruled by the Moon because we are all lunar bodies until we build solar bodies by practicing sacred sex aka Karezza, Maithuna, AZF or what Westerners call tantric sex.

On 2/11/2013 it was reported the Pope is stepping down exactly one month before 3/11. What’s up with that? At the same time it is being reported that Sarah Silverman’s sister the rabbi has been arrested for trying to pray at the Western Wall wearing garb supposedly reserved for male rabbis only.  Something is afoot here folks.

Watch out on 3/11/13. That #13 may turn out to be some of the worst luck ever.


Puerto Rico Will Become 51st State This Year

January 15, 2012

Most Americans are woefully ignorant of almost everything so I’ll get to the point. There is a major push recently to make Puerto Rico the 51st state and end their commonwealth status, whatever the hell that means as it is still legally unclear. The next question will be why? The answer, as usual, is because it benefits the elite to do so and harms the rest of us. That is always the answer. The next questions then becomes how does it hurt us and how does it benefit them. Those answers are not always clear but a little history first.

There are basically three political parties in Puerto Rico with three different positions on Puerto Rico territory status. The Popular Democratic Party of Puerto Rico or PDP is one and favors extension of commonwealth status, the New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico (NPP) which favors U.S. statehood, and the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP), which favors complete independence. Puerto Rico would have to draft and ratify their own state Constitution before that could happen.

On December 23, 2000, President Bill Clinton issued Executive Order 13183, which established the President’s Task Force on Puerto Rico’s Status and the rules for its membership. This Executive Order outlines the policy and functions of the Task Force in identifying the options for Puerto Rico’s future status and the process for realizing an option. It also gave the mandate to clarify both the status options available to Puerto Rico and the process by which those options can be realized. In other words, the Task Force was charged with identifying for the people of Puerto Rico and Congress those status options that are compatible with the U.S. Constitution, without favoring any one of those options.

On April 30, 2001, President George W. Bush amended Executive Order 13183 with Executive Order 13209, extending the deadline for the Task Force to forward a report to the President until August 2001. President Bush issued an additional amendment to Executive Order 13183 on December 3, 2003 with Executive Order 13319, which established the Task Force co-chairs and instructed the Task Force to issue reports as needed, but no less than once every two years. Executive Order 13517 of October 30, 2009 made further amendments expanding the functions and required reporting of the Task Force.

The 2005 Task Force Report explained that the U.S. Constitution allows for three options for the future status of Puerto Rico: continuing territorial status, statehood, and independence. In so doing, the Task Force did not break new ground. The 2007 Task Force reiterated and confirmed the 2005 President’s Task Force on Puerto Rico’s status report.

On March 16, 2011, the Task Force issued a third report in which President Barack Obama’s administration joins those of Presidents George H. Bush, William J. Clinton and George W. Bush in describing Puerto Rico as remaining under the Territory Clause of the U.S. Constitution. This third report devotes the bulk of its contents to economic analysis and recommendations beyond the issue of Puerto Rico’s political status.

Now enter Luis Guillermo Fortuño Burset (born October 31, 1960). Yes he was really born on Halloween. He is currently the governor of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, a territory of the United States of America. Fortuño is also the president of the New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico (NPP), a member of the Republican National Committee, and will be president of the Council of State Governments during 2012. In other words this jackass is a sellout because he is getting paid to trick Puerto Ricans into voting for statehood.

Puerto Rico, although not a state, already pays many federal taxes just not on personal income like Americans do unless employed by the federal government. I won’t go into the illegality of the income tax on wage labor here but Puerto Ricans also pay into Social Securuity and Medicare but are only eligible for partial Medicaid payments, even though fully paying into it. They paid nearly 4 billion dollars into the US Treasury into 2009. They even have their own FBI, EEOC and other federal agencies and have participated in every single US war since 1898. Despite this fact they still cannot vote in federal elections and have no Representatives or Senators, only one basically powerless delegate. I have no idea why they would want to vote in our fraudulent federal elections but I’m assuming they don’t know how fraudulent they really are……..yet.

Sounds like they are already a state to me except with less benefits but conservative whites and other false patriots will cite that the US will become a bilingual nation, which we already are anyway, and that the poverty of Puerto Rico will be a drain on our resources, the same thing they say about Mexicans. They will complain about the number of House representatives received and the fact that the Senate would then ’em. We’re not going but we don’t mind if they do. I’m not negotiating with people who want all people of color dead because the Jews have once again robbed their stupid asses blind.

Enter Pedro R. Pierluisi Urrutia (born April 26, 1959) a Puerto Rican and member of the New Progressive Party of Puerto Rico (PNP) and the United States Democratic Party. He is the current Resident Commissioner and powerless delegate of Puerto Rico to the United States Congress, having won the November 4, 2008 general election with 53% of the vote. He is the sole representative in Congress of the four million American citizens who reside on the Island. He was sworn in on January 6, 2009 by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Bad sign there. Another sellout for sure.

After two previous failed attempts via HR 856 in 1997 and HR 900 2007 that never left the House, on May 19, 2009, Pierluisi filed HR 2499 (really 699 or 666 with the nines inverted via gematria), aka the the Puerto Rico Democracy Act of 2010, a bill to provide for a two-tiered referendum in Puerto Rico to allow Puerto Ricans to express their opinion regarding Puerto Rico’s ultimate political status. HR 2499 passed the house on April 30, 2010 with a vote of 223-169. Notice that 223 is 322 backwards, the Freemason number and 169 clearly has occultic and zodiacal implications.

The referendum will set up two plebiscites effectively deceiving Puerto Ricans into voting for statehood. In the first round of votes, the Puerto Rican people would be given the choice between remaining a U.S. territory and “pursuing a different political status.” If the majority votes to maintain the status quo, this bill would require that Puerto Rico vote on this same issue every eight years. Why every eight years? Eight is the occult number of infinity and the biblical flood. This vote is scheduled to occur on 8/12/12 later this year, another date with significant occult numerology.

If the majority votes for “different status,” a second round of votes would be held on election day 11/6/2012 where Puerto Ricans would choose either statehood or independence-the status quo of “U.S. territory” would not even be an option! In other words, the two ballots would be rigged to favor the outcome of statehood, overriding the wishes of Americans and Puerto Ricans who want to maintain the current commonwealth status.

As of November 2011, the bill proposed by the Governor of Puerto Rico to provide for a self-determination process for the people of Puerto Rico has been approved by the House of Representatives of Puerto Rico and it is under evaluation by the Senate of Puerto Rico. I’m sure it will be passed because they’re all being bribed or blackmailed to make it happen. The bill under consideration by the Legislative Assembly of Puerto Rico followed the recommendation of the President’s Task Force on Puerto Rico’s Status reports of two-stage plebiscite to determine whether the Puerto Rican people wish to retain the status quo, and if not, which of the two available options they prefer. The 2005 Task Force concluded that such a process would be the best way to ascertain the popular will in a way that provides clear guidance for future action by U.S. Congress.

Here is what the new US flag would look like if Puerto Rico becomes a state and the occult numerology behind it. Instead of nine alternating rows of five and six stars (5+6=11 number of death) so 9/11, there would be six (number of Beast) alternating rows of eight and nine stars (8+9=17=1+7=8). There would be still the Satanic thirteen number of stripes.

Puerto Rico should remain steadfast and declare their independence. They don’t need us meddling in their lives and draining their economy just so they can be called a commonwealth or territory. It’s disrespectful to a people who have such a rich culture and history. Americans know nothing about that. All we do is buy stuff, do drugs, have sex and sit back while the government rapes, pilfers and pillages the global for Israel, The City of London and the Vatican. I don’t belong here.



Every Member Of Organized Religion Should Watch This

January 3, 2012
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