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The Black Jesus Trap

December 19, 2017

There is no black Jesus fam. How do I know? Because there is no Jesus period……white or black. It’s just a symbol of white supremacy so whites can stay rich and we can stay broke through energetic transference from us to them……especially on Sundays (which are astrologically Mondays….Wednesdays are the true Sundays). Black people are always going to come in last place until they start studying my-story, which is mystery, and not his-story which is hogwash bullshit. If you send your children to public school they are already doomed. Everything that whites claim to be was stolen from us, stripped of its spirituality and then fed back to us as materialistic, shallow mash because without eumelanin it’s all they can do….plagiarize other people’s cultures. We are still eating their regurgitated dogshit each and every day.

black jesus

I shouldn’t even go into how Greek Ptolemy I (after Kemet’s fall) created Serapis to unify the kingdom. It didn’t work. The Kemites basically ignored the fucker and kept worshiping the Neteru as Neberdjer intended. Then much later under the Romans Constantine and the Niocene Councils come along and re-use that same Serapis to create the mythical Jesus character. Jesus already had traits of Heru from when Ptolemy I created Serapis so you see Europoid maggots not only steal from us but each other as well. There is no honor among thieves.

When you worship a false god you give your attention and energy to it making it real in your mind. That means your true gods, the Neteru, are being ignored. They don’t like that shit so they allow us to suffer because we have to save ourselves. We are the Neteru. You are Isis. You are Osiris. You are Heru…..the HERO!!!!!! You must save yourself. No one else can or will do it. Jesus cannot die for your sins even if he was real. Why? Because every soul has its own karma. Not even Jesus could violate cosmic law. Everyone has to save their own soul. Whitey lied and people died………especially their damn consciousness.

It may sound hip or Afrocentric to say black Jesus because the Bible describes him as brass colored with woolly hair but the Bible is all astrotheology and metaphor. It is NOT literal. Literalism killed the cat. Stop doing it. Dig deeper. Until you do you will remain in the “sunken place”. Learn to meditate so your higher self can give you the answers you need and seek. There is no other way…..unless you want to keep waiting on some gay, blue-eyed maggot who doesn’t exist and hence is never coming back….except in your mind.


Ten Strange Facts About the Upcoming Total Solar Eclipses on 8/21/2017 and 4/8/2024

August 15, 2017

-First contact is in the state of Oregon, the 33rd state in the USA. The last contact is in South Carolina on the 33rd parallel. This eclipse happens on day 233 of the year. If the Revelation 12 sign is valid, then the eclipse is also 33 days before September 23, 2017. Jesus is thought to have been 33 when He died.

-Just for fun: It is 99 years (3 x 33) since the last eclipse to go coast-to-coast in the US, in 1918. From September 23, 2017 (Revelation 12 sign) to the end of the year, December 31, 2017 is 99 days (or 3 x 33). The number of days from the 1918 eclipse to the August 21 eclipse are 26,234 days. (2+6+2+3+4 = 17; 2017?). From August 12, 2017, the date of the Charlottesville Virginia “State of Emergency” declared to the August 21, 2017 Great Solar Eclipse is 9 days (3+3+3) and the dates are also mirrored – 12 and 21.

-First big city the eclipse hits in Oregon is Salem – Salem was named after Jerusalem. The eclipse also begins in Oregon exactly at sunset time in Jerusalem. So technically speaking, as the sun sets in America it will be setting in Jerusalem at the same time.

-The center line crosses through 12 primary states to receive total darkness. 12 disciples, 12 months in a year, the meaning of 12, which is considered a perfect number, is that it symbolizes God’s power and authority, as well as serving as a perfect governmental foundation.

-The eclipse path is exactly 70 miles wide. 70 has a sacred meaning in the Bible that has two perfect numbers, 7 that represents perfection and 10 that represents completeness and God’s law. 70 also symbolizes perfect spiritual order and a period of judgment. 70 is also specially connected with Jerusalem with so many references it would take a book to write.

-Another eclipse comes in 2024, 7 years after the August 21, 2017 and marks an X over the United States. The combined time of totality of these eclipses together will be 7 minutes. The day of the eclipse is August 21, 2017 – (7 + 7 + 7 = 21). The exact point where the two eclipses cross is right next to Cedar Lake in Illinois… specifically right next to SALEM Road. (Salem again!)

-The original form of the Hebrew letter Tav is like the English letter X or T – which is in the shape of a cross, or X– like the X that is made by the two solar eclipses on the cross paths over 7 years. The letter Tav means “a sign”.

-The path of the eclipse will be situated in such a way that every single state of the US will experience it, even Hawaii and Alaska.

-The totality will reach Oregon at 10:16 AM Pacific, and will end in South Carolina at 2:49 PM Eastern. That means it will take 1 hour and 33 minutes to cross the country. There is that 33 again.

-The eclipse is also exactly 40 days from Yom Kippur. Yom Kippur means “Day of Atonement” and is a time of repentance. While the eclipse day itself may come and go with everything remaining “normal” afterwards, we need to be focused on what could be coming soon after.


Mars Conjunct Uranus in Aries!!!! Somebody is going DOWN!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!

February 24, 2017

Oh yeah!!!! Let’s call Mars anger, Uranus chaos and Aries the self. I think you can see where this is going. Someone with a huge Ego is going down in the public sphere!!!! HARD!!!!!! in the next few days!!!!!!


I’m thinking Podesta the Molesta and Pizzagate on this one.



Most Westerners are using the wrong Zodiac sign

February 19, 2017

Astrology is African just like everything else on the planet. When other races appeared they all used the same system that came out of Africa (really named Alkebulan). The planets and stars used to be aligned perfectly until the spiritual fall of the original people…all of coal black complexion and all over the planet. When that happened the Earth developed a wobble that we know call the procession of the equinoxes. It’s nothing but changing our earthly perspective to the stars and planets so that the soul has a way to rediscover itself since we screwed it up with excessive materialism.

Everything before western astrology has always used sidereal calculations which account for the procession. Westerners said screw it basically and I think they did it on purpose because they knew that over time one sign would start spilling into the next giving everyone the wrong information. This is ALL done on purpose by the godless ones we allow to be in power. They don’t want us having any TRUTH whatsoever. I believe this is why so many Jews and gays are in astrology. It’s been stacked against us by those groups. To me Jewish and gay are synonymous. Gay is not the new black. It’s just the same old Jew.

Every 72 years the gap between true sidereal and false tropical grows about one degree so now it’s about 24 degrees. Do you know what that means? It means if you choose to use tropical you are almost 80% likely to be one sign ahead of your actual signs because nothing has accounted for the stars, which is exactly what sidereal means. Take me for example. Tropical says I am a Pisces with Sun at 14 degrees. Wrong. I am not a Pisces. I do not feel like a Pisces. I do not act like a Pisces. Pisces is about self-sacrifice. I am not sacrificing shit for a planet full of half witted morons. Yes I do drink too much but Aquarians do that too.

Move my sign backwards 24 degrees and now I am at 20 degrees Aquarius. That is exactly what I am. I hate most people…..almost all. I hate liars. I love to help others mostly old people and children. I hate organized religion and any type of fitting in at all. I can feel other people’s emotions. I have a sharp mind and a bad temper. My dress and behavior is erratic. That is all Aquarius. So why can’t westerners realize that they have been lied to? Unless you are in the last six or seven degrees (24-30) of your tropical sign it is impossible for you to be that sign using sidereal. For cuspers who cares?….but the cusp must be determined from sidereal not tropical.

The European shit is just plain wrong folks… usual….all image and no substance or truth. Souls are stars so how can you perform astrology without taking the stars into account? That is asinine beyond belief. Maybe if Europeans have no souls then tropical DOES apply to them but not to people of color. This why I call most white people God filters. Their lack of dark melanin and that calcified pineal gland keeps them from seeing the most basic and obvious spiritual concepts so they keep cranking away at meaning formulas and patterns all based on faulty assumptions. Of course no one cares about God when you think you already are God. That is the European’s problem…..and theirs alone.

Unless you’re 24-30 degrees in your Sun sign your true sign is the one before it. And if you’re around the 24 degrees that means you’re a cusper for the tropical wrong sign and the sidereal true sign. I don’t have any idea why this is even debated like it could possibly be wrong. It’s not.


Trump’s Current Hard Astrological Transits

February 13, 2017

Not looking good right now for the Trump team folks.

Moon Square Midheaven
A frustrating time both at home and at work. A tendency to make poor choices and decisions regarding both. Tensions are high, so perhaps just relaxing and waiting this one out might be in order.

Sun Opposition Venus
You may come face-to-face today with someone who has very different values than you do. You could find yourself cast in an opposing position, and this might require compromise and understanding on your part. You may not appreciate authority now.

Sun Opposition Saturn
Obstacles to self-discipline or to your sense of organization may appear. You could be frustrated by someone in this regard, or external events might pile up and be thrust upon you. Authorities and red tape may stand between you and your goals.

Sun Opposition Pluto
Your own inner need for change and growth may be threatened by someone older or by circumstances. There could be some underhanded or devious goings-on behind the scenes as well. Tension of a psychological or political nature may be present.

Mercury Opposition Mercury
You could blurt out the wrong thing today or be unable to convey what you really intend to someone. Ideas and thoughts may not come with ease. Also, others may disagree with your ideas.

Mercury Square Jupiter
You could find yourself mentally acute and in a problem-solving mood. However, there is a real possibility that the decisions you make today and the solutions you find may have to be re-done tomorrow.

Venus Square Moon
You may not appreciate your surroundings, or someone younger than you does not measure up. Your values may be at odds (just for the moment) with those around you.

Venus Square Uranus
You may not value something extraordinary or unusual. Instead, you find yourself appreciating what is quite normal or ordinary.

Mars Square Moon
Emotional flare-ups, especially with younger people or those you spend time with are ,possible right now. You could push too hard and damage your living situation or means of support.

Mars Square Sun
Emotions may flare up or arguments occur that work against your own best interests. Be prepared, and walk softly.

Mars Square Uranus
Don’t take chances or risks just now. Be satisfied with the ordinary and usual. Novel ideas or insights could be more damaging than useful. Hectic emotional energy.

Jupiter Square Moon
Your career and life direction are putting some real pressure on your home and emotional life. Obviously you can’t live without both, so some kind of self-control on your part is indicated. You may have trouble with subordinates or younger people.

Jupiter Square Sun
You may be experiencing a bit of a crunch as your career direction (and path to success) squares off against your more personal interests. This may be a real test for you. Be careful not to blow an opportunity for success.

Saturn Square Mars
Not an easy period for most of us. Events conspire to work against our own ambition and drive, bringing obstacles and slowing progress to a halt. Easy to overdo, strain, and explode under these aspects, so take it easy. Bide your time.

Saturn Opposition Midheaven
A new start. Several years of self-examination and inner learning are coming to an end. Now you begin to feel a growing confidence in everything you do. You have found yourself in one sense or another and are on the move toward building a real future.

Saturn Square Ascendant
A time when you may feel your style is severely cramped, particularly concerning relationships and your own basic worth and self-image. It may be hard to convey yourself and to communicate with others. A lot is happening!

Uranus Square Moon
An urge to change and try new things may challenge and upset your domestic scene or support system. In this case, your tendency to rebel acts at cross-purposes to those who care for you. A no-win situation that requires treading a fine line on your part.

Uranus Square Sun
You may have to control an urge to rebel and be different that could set your ambitions and goals back a step. An inner struggle between your sense of purpose or direction and a need for independence and freedom makes this a possibly tense time.

Neptune Opposition Pluto
Your dreams and ideals may conspire to ignore and push aside the need in you for real inner growth and transformation. If you get too carried away or lost in the dream world, you can expect to be hauled back by some very personal inner confrontations.

Pluto Opposition Sun
Power struggles, with authorities in particular, can be one sign of this aspect. Your need for constant inner change and growth may end up setting you back as much as it helps. Your ambitions and basic life direction could be challenged.

Pluto Opposition Uranus
A time of legitimate tension when your need for security and privacy is challenged by all that is rebellious and unconventional within you. A need for deep self-examination cuts into any sense of freedom and independence you may have.


Why People With Souls Require Sidereal Astrology

February 10, 2017

I never really looked too much into sidereal astrology because I thought it meant that I would need to learn Vedic astrology. Wrong. Tropical and sidereal are just whether the stars are considered in any astrological system. The two are mutually exclusive. You can have tropical in Vedic and sidereal in Western. There is a tendency to try to make yourself fit into your Western birth chart but sometimes things just don’t fit even though you know you have a highly accurate birth time. So I decided to look at my Western chart using sidereal. Boom. There it is.

It is said that over 3 billion people on this planet have no souls. I cannot confirm that but I sure as hell don’t deny it either. Yes some of them are YOUR friends and relatives….mine too. My point is that the stars must be considered when there is a soul present because all souls come from stars regardless of skin color. It is my personal belief that blacks come with souls and it is up to them to claim them. I believe that whites do not and so they have to earn one and then also claim it. In other words tropical astrology works best on those who are soulless. Those with souls will find that sidereal generally works best. I have not tried to prove this because science cannot prove anything. It’s just a bunch of theories…..ALL of it!!!!!!!

Do not assume that you have a soul just because sidereal fits you best. That’s not what I said just like you should not assume you don’t just because tropical works best for you.


The Holy Seven Might Get You To Heaven

August 21, 2016

Are you non-white and trying to wake the hell up?

These Holy Seven will get you on your path:

1) Dr. Rev Phil Valentine
2) Marimba Ani
3) Frances Cress Welsing (RIP)
4) Neely Fuller
5) Kaba Hiawatha Kamene (formerly Booker T Coleman)
6) Taj Tarik Bey the Moor
7) Sista Myra the astrologer

If they cannot get you on the path then no one can….not even God itself….because it sent them to do just that.

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