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How Jews Ruined Your Life

April 4, 2015

Jews expelled from over 100 countries in Europe for usury.

Christopher Columbus the Jew comes to America with financial aid of Jews King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. Slaughters indigenous peoples.

Jews start Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Jews get Lincoln to end slavery to keep their US Corporation intact as military base for future Israel.

Jews assassinate Lincoln for trying to use greenbacks free of charge instead of debt dollars.

Jews start civil rights movement using blacks as a front for their agenda.

Jews use a Hitler trick and get flourinated water approved by bribing FDA.

Jews (Steinem and Freidan) start the feminist movement  well funded to destabilize the family institution and create single female consumers.

Jews create Federal Reserve in 1913 and begin charging Americans to print our own money, a violation of the Constitution.

Jews fake the Holocaust at the end of WWII using Stanley Kubrick as director of staged footage.

Freud and Kinsey tell us we’re all sexual psychos who want to have sex with our parents, which is really them.

Jews consolidate media through sayanim infiltration and self-promotion by excluding Gentiles.

The New Atheist movement started. The new God becomes money through consumerism and manufactured needs. Women targeted.

Jews takeover legal system and overturn all sodomy laws. NAMBLA created by a Jew.

Jews own the porn industry and use internet to spread it everywhere creating rampant masturbation.

Jews promote filth on TV and Hollywood. Thugs and metrosexuals replace real man.

Men made to appear as violent and oppressive while Obama pushes the Jewish gay agenda and Biden the feminist agenda.

Gays replace blacks as front for civil rights.

Gay marriage promoted by Jews.

Jews control interest rates (Alan Greenspan) and purposefully destroy the American dollar.

Jews capitalize on resulting crime by trading prison stocks on Wall Street making more billions.

Jews create political correctness and identity politics to further fracture families and friendships.

Jews takeover NBA (working on NFL) to keep Americans distracted and give them outlet for anger Roman gladiator style.

Jews take over pharmaceuticals and start selling us toxic medications that don’t work.

Jews takeover Monsanto and start selling us GMO toxic food.

Jews takeover military and get them to start dropping toxic chemtrails on us.

Jews did 9/11 to start War on Islam.

Jews get Congress to leave borders open to promote race-mixing and drive down wages.

Jews fake shootings starting with Gabby Giffords to get Americans’ guns and overturn Second Amendment.

Jews get US military to invade Afghanistan to steal the opium to keep Americans drugged on prescription painkillers.

AND HERE WE ARE……..ALMOST DEAD…….STUPID……..The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion was real.




Donald Sterling and the Fear of the J-Word

April 28, 2014

Donald Sterling is a Jew. So are almost ALL of the NBA owners. Does it matter? Yes. Why? Because Jews control 98% of the media. Those reporting on the recent story know they can only refer to him as a white man or a racist man. Yes his skin is white but he is no ordinary European Gentile. He’s a Talmudic Jew. That means he believes he is one of God’s chosen people and that all other races should be subservient to him. Blacks and Jews have a sordid history in this country. I believe Jews hate blacks in general because they still have some African genes (like every other race as well) and they would rather not because it would be easier to blend in with Gentile whites. Crypto-Jews can hide their name but they can’t hide their nose. Blacks haven’t done anything to these phony Jews. They are the ones that started African slavery. They started the NAACP and the KKK to keep blacks and whites divided. They faked the Holocaust and they perpetrated 9/11 to start their War on Islam among other things. That’s why an anti-Semite is not someone who hates Jews. It’s someone who Jews hate.

So what do reporters fear will happen if they mention the J-word? Loss of livelihood. In short they fear going broke. Guess who prints our money and charges us a fee to do so? The Federal Reserve….run by Jews. The media and most Americans willfully and foolishly choose money over morality every time. This is a cardinal sin and one which will bear much negative karmic fruit in the very near future. If you don’t believe that God will watch over you for speaking truth then you have no faith at all and your religion is empty. What did the Clippers players do in response to this outrage? Turn their warmups inside out and then go right back to the plantation to make their Jewish master more money. They are money worshipers….plain and simple. They should not have played. This world is not some random series of events. Every effect has a cause. Americans worship money and still pretend to believe in the first of the Ten Commandments that you shall have no other Gods before you. Voltaire said to find out who rules over you, find out who you are not allowed to criticize. That’s Jews and gays….basically the same thing. I’m not against any group of people. I’m for God because with God no one can stand against you.

America is finished. The karma is too heavy. The Jewish coup of this government after the JFK assassination is complete. They own us lock, stock and barrel and have Christians actually believing that they are God’s chosen people. Guess it depends on who your God is. I know some of you are thinking “What about the good Jews?” There is no such thing. Talmudic Judaism is a mindset. It is religious racism. It is Jewish supremacy. It is atheism and plagiarism. Anyone that claims to be Jewish is also claiming to be superior to all non-Jews, whether they know it or not. There is no Jewish race either. There are some racial similarities amongst the Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jews but the mindset supersedes all else. Those of other races who convert to Judaism do so out of ignorance, whether it’s Madonna, Colin Farrell or Amare Stoudamire. There will be no benefits for you. Once a Gentile always a Gentile to Jews. You have basically condemned your soul.

It took a disgruntled, vengeful, greedy woman to record this conversation and leak it to the media. How much more happens that is never recorded or revealed? Jews are not your friends….none of them. And yes the new NBA commissioner Adam Silver is a Jew too. So is the former commissioner David Stern. They are ALL in it together. That’s why Sterling was never reprimanded for any of his previous racist conduct. It is tacitly condoned. That’s why you heard little from other NBA owners. They’re almost all Jews. They are all a sadistic group of money changers, perverts and sexual deviants. That’s why they control the porn industry. Remember the Penn State controversy. Sandusky is a Jew. Noam Chomsky is a Jew. The astute MIT professor of linguistics says 9/11 was not an inside job. Jerry Springer and Maury Povich are Jews pouring filth into your childrens’ minds. Remember representative Wiener the sexter? Jew. He didn’t get caught sexting his tiny penis to a female. They covered up what really happened. He was texting it to little boys. They own, run and control everything except any free will you are lucky to have left. Get it now? Probably not. You still feel guilty about a Holocaust that never happened. You still fear that you might be oppressing God’s chosen people. Go back to making them more money.


Have A Yahweh Humbug Christmas!!!!!!

December 23, 2011

I am not a Christian. I have never been a Christian really. My father was a Methodist minister so I was forced as a child to pretend to be Christian on the outside or spend the majority of my childhood at the vicious end of a belt. I wholly deny the existence of a historical man named Jesus Christ who died for the sins of humanity. It’s been proven Jesus is Horus and the initials J.C. come from Julius Caesar. Even before I realized that these biblical characters were all cosmic entities I know Christianity and all manmade religions were a sham. How? They’re manmade. Nuff said. The people in power write history and they always lie to maintain that power.

Even though I never really believed I had gotten accustomed to playing along with all the stupid rituals and going to church and feeling guilty for having sexual fantasies….blah….blah….blah. You know that had to end, if for no other reason than I wanted it to be free of it for my own guilt-free gratification. That doesn’t mean religion is true. It just means I wasn’t knowledgeable enough to know why all religions are historically and literally false. The contradictions in the Bible provide plenty of evidence for fraud along with the hateful god (aka Satan) of the Old Testament. Even then I thought I was quite strange to believe in no god at all until the new atheists reared their ugly heads. People think that believers are the opposite of atheists. In their minds they are but in reality the opposite of a lie is the truth and the truth is that there is a god. Both atheism and theism are lies.

Christians feel the pressure of cultural diversity these days from the Jewish media promoting atheism because that’s what Judaism really is. It recognizes their demiurge Satan, aka the planet Saturn, as the true god even though Jews know about the real one. They just hate the real god of true love because it denies them ascension beyond this realm because the fourth chakra (the heart chakra) requires love which they lack in every conceivable way. They are stuck here in this material plane, although they keep using their stolen Egyptian secrets to try to find a wormhole or some other method to get off the planet. If they cannot then they will be content to stay here as phony gods with us as their servants, slaves and worshipers. Hopefully I’ll be dead by then and won’t reincarnate back to this dreadful place of money worship, the only true religion still intact.

The Jews invented all religions to divide the world but now they need to dissolve them all and unite them under their New Age global religion which is nothing but more Satanism. Some prefer to call it Luciferianism but I avoid that because Lucifer is the bringer of light. They use him to create this photonic 3D reality but it’s really not Lucifer doing it. The evil is Satan and that’s why Jews worship the planet Saturn on Saturday. It’s also why I worship Jupiter on Thursday. I’m a Pisces and that’s my ruler. Anything that resists Saturn can’t be all that bad even though Jupiter is just another moniker for Saint Peter. I am no Catholic. The Catholic Eucharist is vampirism and cannibalism of the worst sort. They are spiritually feeding off of all of us which is why there are so many vampires in recent years.

The funny part is that many people refuse to celebrate Christmas because they believe it to be pagan. That’s not really true. It’s just the Winter Solstice removed a few days over time because of the precession of the equinoxes. They had to choose a date so maybe they should have made Christmas a floater like many Jewish holidays that fall on different days each year. Pagan just means you are worshiping a false god. Well that’s the entire religion of Christianity and ever manmade religion because the so-called historical figures are just star references mixed in with metaphor and allegory. Whenever you celebrate a holiday created by the Jews they use it to drain your spiritual energy and hence become more powerful.

Case and point. Every major holiday Americans go out and spend themselves to death ending up further in debt. Debt is nothing but death. If you know Hebrew you can see how silent letters and vowels are used to mask the true meaning. The Egyptian symbols on the dollar bill is talismanic black magic. It drains you and empowers the Jewish elite. You just don’t see the actual energy transfer so you don’t think it’s happening but it is. There are lots of things they do to us that we cannot see but they still happen anyway. Could you feel your pineal gland calcifying as you grew up from drinking flourinated water? Of course not but it happened anyway. Can you feel what the chemtrails are doing to you or what the chemicals in your food are doing to your internal organs? Not at any given moment until the damage is catastrophic but it’s still happening all day every day. The elite Jews are patient because they aren’t going anywhere. That they know for sure.

If you want to have a holiday celebration that’s fine. Just don’t call it Christmas. Just don’t put up a tree. Invent something else and call it whatever you want. That way you won’t be partaking in the ritualistic energy transfer that the Jewish elite count on every year. I can almost guarantee you that something tragic will happen in the next few days. Boxing Day is a favorite day of the Jewish elite to orchestrate and perpetrate a disaster. Everyone is recovering from Christmas and returning gifts to the store or trying to catch an after Christmas sale. You are extremely vulnerable at that time. I’ve heard that Israel may even launch the attack on Iran on 1/6/12 which is the Christian Day of Epiphany. We’ll have to wait and see unfortunately since humanity doesn’t have the balls to bring these pederasts, parasites and perverts to justice once and for all because we are in love with their death notes called dollars.


Top Twelve Glaringly False Christian Assumptions

November 15, 2011

1) Christianity is the only true religion.

Wrong. Religion is man’s best unscientific guess. Just because you chose one of man’s guesses does not undermine the credibility of any other religion or substantiate your own because they are all man-made guesses. The proof for all religions is subjective and open to wide speculation. A more likely scenario is that all religions are false, not one of them being true, because people either make them up to maintain or obtain control of the sheeple or because they actually believe that God is speaking directly to them because of their massive, unchecked ego. Christianity is just one of all the false man-made religions  that has believers all over the world channeling their spiritual energy directly into Lucifer so he can keep you in this world forever through reincarnation.

2) All non-Christians are basically atheists.

Wrong. Non-Christians either practice a different religion that worships the same god as Christianity or they believe in god without religion as deists and agnostic or they are atheists. Those are three distinct groups. A smaller group of people don’t even address the question and just live their lives free of all religion and belief.

3) All non-Christians will go to hell when they die.

Wrong. If every religion worships the same God then they are either all wrong or only one of them is correct. There is no way to know which one is correct so the safe assumption is that they are all wrong, meaning God exists only outside of all man-made phony religions. The real God hates religion but it is not enough to just call your spiritual. There’s more work to it than that for all the lazy Americans out there who think meditation, smiling or being positive alone will get you off this rock.

4) The Christian God is a different god from the god of other major religions.

Wrong. Monotheism demands that there is one and only one god. It is the same god as all other major monotheistic religions. Hinduism is polytheistic but its gods are merely aspects of their own true god Brahman. Buddhist don’t worship any gods. They just try to emulate Buddha who they believe was the first to attain enlightenment.

5) Once you are saved you can behave in any way you choose and God will still accept you into heaven.

First of all the existence of heaven cannot be proven. Second if you are really saved then you behavior is permanently changed and you cannot sin. The fact that you are still capable of sin means you are not saved.

6) Christians believe they America was founded on Christianity and that the Founding Fathers were Christians.

Wrong. The Founding Fathers were deists and gnostics. They were not Christian at all although some of them gave lip service to it to remain in public favor. Our current politicians do the same thing.

7) Christians have the right to force their religion on others because it is the dominant religion in America.

Wrong. You do not have the right to force anyone to practice Christianity through peer pressure or any other manipulation. Christmas and Easter are Christian-only holidays but since Americans as a whole worship only money, and not God, then it is easy for other religions to become part of the sacrilege as well. This is what Americans refer to as multi-culturalism. It is actually multi-consumerism.

8) The Bible is a literal historical document.

Wrong and proven wrong via geological and archaeological scientific data.  Christians deny the validity of the same science they trust everyday to generate electricity or run their cars when it comes to religion. Science is either true or it’s not. It’s not only true when it’s convenient for Christians. Judaism,  Kabbalah and Gnosticism demonstrate that the Bible is completely allegorical, metaphorical and an encoding of actually astro-theological science. The literal interpretation is bunk.

9) The God of the Bible is a good and moral god.

Wrong. The God of the Bible is a cruel, sadistic god. Just read the Old Testament. He slaughtered countless innocent men, women and children or allowed others to slaughter them in sacrifice to him. That is clearly the behavior of Satan or Lucifer.

10) Christians have the right to judge non-Christians.

Wrong. The Bible itself says “Judge not that ye be not judged”. Christians just refuse to observe that like most other moral aspects of the scriptures.

11) Christianity cannot possibly be a false religion.

Wrong. Yes it can statistically. The Bible says that “Many will be deceived.” That means many Christians as well, not just other religions or atheists. In fact most of the deceived will probably be Christians because they are so sure that their religion is the only valid one. The youngest religions are even more likely to be untrue than the older ones. Hinduism is the oldest religion so it has the greatest chance of being accurate just from its longevity alone. Recent religions are nothing but plagiarized versions of the older ones. Christianity falls into this category along with the even younger Islam.

12) Reincarnation cannot possibly be true. We are born with a brand new soul, live, die and are then judged to go to heaven or hell for all eternity.

First of all a soul is eternal. It cannot be created nor destroyed just like so-called matter. Souls (sols or suns) exist long before people are born into the material world with one. Every major religion except Christianity and Catholicism either embrace reincarnation or do not explicitly deny its validity which means they don’t want you to know they accept it.

Face it Christians (and all other believers of organized religions). You’ve been duped in the worst way. You got brainwashed as children with lies and now it’s too painful for you to go on with life if you had to give up your fantasy. There is no Easter Bunny. There is no Tooth Fairy. There is no Santa Claus and there is no Jesus Christ. You are not going to heaven nor hell when you die. You will be judged however because we all must account for our karma. The universe does not recognize the phony stories of religion. Everything is science. Religion is science. The elite just encoded the truth into a phony story that most Christians are too ignorant and lazy to to understand. You’re licking the icing while they dine on the cake. Christianity is just a social club; a social club of credulous, non-thinking conformists who think that their numbers alone reinforce the credibility of their beliefs. Those numbers just indicate the efficiency of the brainwashing by the Jewish elite. History demonstrates that the majority is almost always wrong.


My response to “Why Are Believers So Hostile Toward Atheists?” by Greta Cristina

January 9, 2011

Here’s the original article:

Most people in America these days are unhappy whether they are believers or not, even on antidepressants (mostly which don’t work and destroy your liver in the process anyway). Hardcore believers are usually on the right and they have a herd mentality. They want strong authoritarian leaders. They want to be told what to do and how to do it. Liberal believers generally do not adhere to such mind-numbing constraints. It’s also why most nonbelievers are liberals. The right treats people that do not want to be part of the herd as traitors. Look at what used to happen to white women when they slept with black men 30 years ago? Look at what happen to anti-Zionist Jews? Nothing spawns more hatred than the sting of perceived self-betrayal.

Conservatives are not idiots. They just suffer from cognitive dissonance and that makes them mad because they know they’ve compromised something to arrive at their false and irrational conclusions. Believers also think they have to somehow deprive themselves of life’s sinful pleasures to earn their way into heaven. Atheists refuse to do that or at least see no reason to do it as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else. Depriving yourself of what you consider fun makes you angry and that anger at God is projected onto atheists, many of them deprive themselves of the same things Christians do not out of some perverted guilt complex of earning a front row seat in heaven.

When it comes down to it you can analyze mental illness in a myriad of manners but it’s still mental illness. Religion is a mental illness of people who largely lead miserable lives and want to believe something better is in store for them. At the same time they’re waiting on their presents in the afterlife they’re bitter about not having them here and now in the present. That anger doesn’t stay inside of them. Just like most anger it gets projected onto someone they feel that deserves it and that’s atheists in this case. Statistics prove that believers and atheists commit roughly the same percentage of crime and roughly the same percentage in types of crimes. Believers see themselves in the majority so they feel those numbers should coerce nonbelievers into joining the dark side. Of course in some Arab countries you have to pretend to believe even if you don’t or they kill you. Luckily it’s not that severe in America anymore but it used to be when we were burning witches in Salem.

I like to compare the whole existence of God argument to how gays are treated because they have the most important similarities. Many of us know people that seem to be homophobic on the outside but actually have gay tendencies or live in the closet mired in self-hatred, the same self-hatred present in believers of original sin, which says we are somehow tainted as humans because of what Adam and Eve did and hence require forgiveness for their sins which through inheritance have somehow become our sins as well. Ballyhoo. Balderdash. Bunk.

Believers hate atheists because many of them are closet atheists. Most Christians don’t adhere to anything that Jesus taught anyway. They just use church as a social feelgood club. It’s classic in group/out group psychology. We’re better because we’re in a group that you aren’t and our group is large that yours. Forget the fact that there are over a billions atheists worldwide. That doesn’t matter to believers. They’d love another Crusade to exterminate all of us although it’s not nice or PC to say that. People in fraternities have the same mentality. They exclude those that don’t rush and pledge and force them to live in relative marginalization in colleges all over the country. Most people are just built this way unfortunately. Do as I say, not as I do.

By the way believers will never change so it’s up to atheists if they want to continue fighting this uphill battle but more and more people in America are becoming atheist and it’s because their faith was completely founded upon a stable economy. Now that we don’t have a stable economy anymore people who were once believers are rejecting God and church out of anger because they feel that they deserve nice things in this lifetime, which oddly is the exact opposite reason for being a believer in the first place. It’s all an ancient scam by those in power. The elite are continuing to loot the Treasury while we remain in perpetual conflict over this. As it turns out human behavior is the most predictable aspect of human behavior. There are only three things that can change a person’s beliefs regarding the existence of the almighty: 1) personal experience like the economy going into the crapper or a near-death experience, 2) not being brainwashed as a child to believe what your parents believe to begin with and 3) genetic re-engineering which they say we are incapable of at this point. Only the first option is practical at this point since most parents consider their children their property and therefore exercise what they feel is their right to mentally abuse them. We probably do have the ability to filter out genes that lead to religious proclivities but the elite are never going to let that out because they need it to maintain control of us and keep us at each others’ throats. It’s entertaining to them.


What Really Is The Meaning Of Life?

December 7, 2010

I know this is going to either piss people off, weird them out or both, not that I care. Both are appropriate responses from the American masses of so-called “normal” people who don’t understand spirituality but cling to religion, who imbibe fluorinated water and deny it has any effect on their intelligence, who eat crappy food and deny the chemicals make them sick, who send their kids to public miseducation and then wonder why end up on legal and illegal drugs and finally who watch tv and movies and deny it has any effect on their personal beliefs or world view. The worst thing you should ever want to be called is normal. It is an insult of the highest degree. No one who is normal ever is remembered by history in a flattering way, not that I want the acclaim. Many of those who really made a difference never mark the pages of any manuscript. Que sera sera. Americans confuse being an individual on the outside with being an individual on the inside. The distinction is massive.

I like to look back over my older blog entries once a year or so to see how I’ve grown as a person. Of course I am not like most people. I stick to my core beliefs but I often change my views on things that are open to debate. Most people either have no core beliefs or stick to them because of childhood brainwashing and other bad experiences in their lives. Sadly, Hollywood controls the rest. It affects our brainwaves in ways we cannot detect. We can only detect the social side effects that result from our mental slavery. This of course is all being done on purpose and for a purpose. It is of course also being done by the Jewish elite who openly admit it. Americans are paralyzed by the whole Holocaust lie and the” God’s chosen people” lie from the Jewish Bible. There is no reason to have sympathy for the people who are culling the Gentile herd and planning your slaughter unless you make more money for them.

Now time for brass tax. The world is a lie in every way, shape and form. It’s that way because it was designed that way. It was designed that way by Lucifer, not Satan. Satan was created by Lucifer to be the opposite of the good God that most religions adhere to relentlessly. It was designed to be a world of duality where everything has an opposite so that the potential for conflict is maximized. It is clearly effective.

When I say Lucifer I mean the light-bearer. The light bearer is able to manipulate light via thought to create 3d solid objects that humans sense as reality. Of course we are created to only have five senses although some are able to heighten the sixth sense by awakening their pineal gland. Lucifer created all of this. Lucifer is not a man or a woman. It is a thought. It is a thought made manifest by using sound to slow down light so it appears to be solid. We are literally living in the Matrix.

So why did Lucifer do this? Lucifer used to be part of the ONE in eternal paradise with all supreme wisdom. Why give all of that up for this world? Lucifer became selfish. Lucifer wanted to be an individual and exist outside of the ONE. It got its wish when it was expelled into this lower realm. Folks we are in hell right now. This is hell. This is the world that Lucifer created and controls. It has nothing to do with fire and brimstone. Most of us are going to die from floods caused by massive tsunamis in the next few illusory years.

Remember that time does not exist. We just perceive it that way in this world. There is only one eternal instant moment and nothing more. Time and age are what Lucifer uses to keep control of this world. As soon as we are born we being to die as the clock starts ticking. Even though we are growing up in early age we are still approaching death from the moment of conception. We are told that life is a gift. How could being subject to death be a gift? Life is a lie. In fact it almost spells lie and that is probably no coincidence. It is like the word “live” or “love”. They both basically spell evil backwards. We all know that Lucifer is fond of things in reverse or upside-down. That part from Hollywood is true.

The meaning of life is death or more to the point it is the fear of death. It is the fear of a hell that you are already in. Even the Bible written by Lucifer itself tells us that “Many will be deceived.” Why do so many Christians think they are the exception. Many is not an insignificant number. It doesn’t mean a few. It can mean half or less than half or more than half. Whatever it means there are many that do not understand they are being deceived by their five Luciferian senses. We are brought into this false world via conception. Look at that word. It begins with a CON. Life begins with a con. The end is an ION or the electrical expression of light that brings forth another “soul” from paradise into this world. We are literally slaves in a prison right now who can only escape in death and who knows if some, none or all of us actually get reincarnated until we wake us and realize what this really is. There is nothing but light and thought folks. Nothing. No Mercedes. No big screen tv. No mansion. No yacht. It’s all light slowed down by sound. The physics even bear this out. Atoms weigh nothing despite the atomic weight myths of science which is really seance. Every is nothing but space in this world but we see it and we can touch because Lucifer created our brains to receive thoughts based only on this world. As it turns out white people were also slaves during African slavery.

Lucifer feeds off fear. That’s why he sends his agents, (yes just like the Matrix) to keep this mental program running. They are politicians, musicians, actors, etc. Lucifer controls all of them whether they know it or not. As long as their is death this world will continue to exist. Death causes fear and Lucifer gains power through blood ritual sacrifice. It is the God of the Bible and that is proven in the Old Testament. Jesus of the New Testament is just Horus the sun god, another tribute to Lucifer. Jews really are God’s chosen people because the God of this world is Lucifer. Get it now?

Our thoughts are controlled using number and letters. We are really simple creatures who cannot discern true reality because it is blocked by Lucifer who gives us knowledge which is more lies. We are already in paradise at this very moment but most of us are not in tune enough to wake up at this moment and return. We need the sacrifice of death to release us, at least temporarily, from Lucifer’s lies. I do believe that some of us return to this world and others based on how we live this life but you don’t have to be a saint. Those are Lucifer’s rules, not ours. Forget your memories. They were never real. It just feels that way.

Most people at this point will want to know why God does not rescue us from Lucifer (not Satan). Like I said before everything is light and thought. Thought is faster than light but they won’t teach your children that in school. Just like Lucifer is a thought, so is God. We are pieces of God in this world that have been segmented for Lucifer’s purposes. In other words WE ARE GOD. It is not sacrilege. It is fact. Lucifer wants us to be like him, separate and distinct. What do people today thrive upon? Being individuals. That is the Luciferian thought process at work. We traded tribalism for corporatism and Lucifer has all but ensured our eternal enslavement. Lucifer cannot leave this world but we can. We can leave if we wake up. I have and I hope you will join me. This world has nothing to offer you that is real. Paradise has everything and it’s all real and all infinite. Lucifer is us. God is us. We just have to mentally destroy Lucifer and then the true God will reveal itself after the duality has ended. You could say that humanity has a split personality. You can take it or leave it. You really do have free will. just like a vampire has to be invited into your house so does Lucifer. Kick its ass out and go home where you belong. We’ll all be there waiting for you…….well for us.


Zionist Hitchens Dying From Esophageal Cancer

August 23, 2010

This speaks for itself. Hitchens has been parroting Zionist propaganda ever since he became a US citizen and even before. I pity him but he brought this one himself from chain-smoking and excessive drinking. While I do admire his stance on anti-theism he is an outright liar on 9/11. He has consistently been on the wrong side for a paycheck. Whatever happens to him will the judgment of the universe. I have no wish to create bad karma by celebrating his impending demise. It just goes to show that our actions, whether good or bad, have consequences and we never know when the real chickens will come home to roost, instead of the fake ones we see on tv. Hitchens is a brilliant man albeit a drunk and a blowhard. He could have used that to bridge divides. He chose to create them instead.

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