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Ice Cube – Horny Lil Devil

July 23, 2018

Pertinent as hell today since whites are dying out and they are trying to get their inferior seed into the black womb so a part of their sickness can live on through us. It will fail. The black womb destroy white genes by its very nature. Some black females cannot even become fully pregnant by the white manimal because the black womb sees the white male sperm as a separate lower species. The result is that after conception the red blood cells of the mixed abomination start to explode ( terminating the fetus unless whites give them a shot of a drug called Rhogam that prevents it. Look it up. Whitey always trying to study us, use us and become us. They have all of this knowledge because they studied the biopsy of a tumor from Loretta Pleasant, falsely called Henrietta Lacks, without her permission. The tests killed her at 31 yrs of age in 1951 in Baltimore, Maryland. There are many Jewtube videos on her life and legacy. Watch ’em.


“The Invention Of The White Race” by Theodore W. Allen. Presentation by Jeffrey B. Perry

July 18, 2018


Dr. Phil Valentine – The Metaphysics Of D.N.A.

July 12, 2018


Delbert Blair- The Truth about Kemet, Extraterrestrials, and the 18th Dynasty

July 12, 2018


NASA aka NAZI Admits the Truth

July 11, 2018


Bobby Hemmitt – Long Lectures

July 7, 2018


All Planets On One Side of the Sun – July 19th

July 7, 2018

What does it mean? Imbalance. Whites create nothing but imbalance. Ma’at must restore itself using energies of Sekhmet, Ra, Shu, Tefnut and Geb to slaughter them. This is why UVC radiation is off the charts now!!!!! It’s giving whites melanoma to kill them off. They can pretend it’s not happening all they want. It only makes it worse.


UVC radiation today. This cooks white people from the inside out. Even if it doesn’t burn immediately they are all going to get cancer within a few years from the DNA lesion damage that is producted. I just went out for 15 minutes myself as a darker person and it damn near burns my ass too!!! Imagine what it is doing to the DNA of white people. They are done. This planet is not for demelanated people. That’s why the Creator put blacks here first…..and only us…..until someone created an abomination known as the white race.

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