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The Pink Bitch Is The Problem

February 6, 2019

The Stolen Black Womb

February 6, 2019

True Detective Season 3 Is A Mind Warp of Blade

February 5, 2019

Notice anything familiar about the HBO series True Detective Season 3 and the first Blade movie? Yeah it’s the Jews again……fucking with our subconscious around what happened in Kemet, falsely called ancient Egypt. Mahershala Ali looks like Wesley Snipes and they used the exact same actor that was his enemy Frost the Blood God in Blade as his partner here, Stephen Dorff aka Dork.

One difference is that Blade killed the Blood God in Blade and then after that Wesley Snipes was basically blacklisted and thrown in prison for tax evasion, which is basically evading the Jews, to keep everyone afraid not to pay their yearly tribute in taxes to Britain and the Vatican to keep us enslaved to this global Money Moon Matrix. Blade also saved the black woman, N’Bushe Wright, after his mother had been turned by Frost who was played by Sanaa Lathan. He actually had to kill his mother to save her. In the end he drank Wright’s blood to get his strength back and then beat the shit out of Frost with a coagulant serum created by Wright. In True Detective Stephen Dorff appears to be working with Ali to solve the murders of two pink skin children but his motives are still somewhat unclear after Episode 5.

Also in True Detective Ali is constantly fighting with his wife. He drinks all the time. He complains about overt and subtle racism all the time….which is actually correct for that time period. In True Detective the same theme of the black man sacrificing himself to save the pinkazoids from ritual child sacrifice recurs just like them coming to save us in the ghetto in those silly pink hero movies. In other words the Jew wants the black womb-man for themselves while discarding the black man because they are dying out. Ali cannot remember a damn thing in his old age except his partner which sounds gay as hell but that amnesia is symbolic of the same memory loss the black man has of his ancient royal role. Ali’s son represents Heru the rising Sun and his wife, represents Ast/Aset falsely called Isis. She is killed at some point but how has yet to be revealed.

One thing for sure. The outcome for Ali is not going to be the positive one it was for Snipes in Blade. Don’t let these parasitic Jews get into your head people. If they are already in there then get them the fuck out!!!!!!!! Detox them out and meditate them out!!!!!!!

Asar, falsely called Osiris, is already rising again through the birth of Heru whenever Ast/Aset is impregnated. The pink skins and their nonhuman controlling entities known as Jews, Archons and Draconians are almost out of time.

All praises due to Neberdjer!!!!!

All praises due to Bondye!!!!!!

All praises due to Oludumare!!!!!





The Sickness Of Disney

January 19, 2019

This pinkazoid has a Jewtube channel where he breaks down how sick Disney is. You should NOT be allowing your children to watch anything released by Disney….or most other shit either really. Watch everything using your 1st eye pineal gland to discern the truth of the hidden messages. Your children cannot protect themselves yet. It’s your job to protect not just their bodies but their minds as well.


Rosewood Massacre (Jan 1-7 1923)

January 1, 2019




December 24, 2018


Why I Stopped Watching Walking Dead

October 21, 2018

Plain and simple this show promotes miscegenation. I don’t want to see my beautiful melanated brothers and sisters kissing, hugging and screwing these pinkzoid demelanoid parasitic vampires. It’s sickening. Rick ain’t got no dick and Carol an old ugly ass seahag bitch. What the fuck would either Michonne or Ezekiel be doing with them unless they were desperate as hell or out of their goddamn minds?!?!?!

serveimage (1)

Really?!?!? First of all Ezekiel really is out of his mind dressing up like a Rasta and then performing Victorian and Elizabethan cracka nonsense. He looks like Carol’s drug dealer. What is he into? No ass, no tits and females with dentures over 50 or something?!?!?! He should be fucking Michonne just like Morgan….who they basically threw off the show onto the sister show which sucks and is failing. I guess it was one too many black dicks for their tiny dick comfort.


And why in the hell is Michonne with a cop when they are nothing but the KKK blasting melanoid males all the time??!?! I guess she’s crazy too. Look at her holding that soulless Edomite female “kid” and I do mean kid as in goat meant for the slaughter. Then she gonna play the harcore Afrakan warrior in Panther like she one of the Dahomey?!?!?! Please…….This former sista is seriously confused. She has to understand the conflicting message that that sends to  young black females but I guess anything for the shekels. Everything is for sale these days since we have transformed money into God. Money is the God of the the Edomites……..not Afrakan people.

Melanoids need to understand that Edomites, falsely called whites, are not humans. They were genetically engineered and they are from lower planes of existence where everything is complete hell. That’s why they like it here so much. We gave them a break when we created them just like a get out of jail free card. Of course when they die they return to hell and this is why they fear death so much whereas for melanoids, at least the conscious ones, death is nothing but a transition.

Edomites drain the life out of your vital body when you stand near them, when you touch them and especially when you have sex with them. Eventually you are like Keanu Reeves when all those pale ass vampires were sucking his blood and he was too weak to move. Eventually he had to throw himself out a goddamn window to get away. This is what Edomites do to all melanoids. They are soulless and cannot generate their own energy so they must vampirize everyone and everything even nature itself. Everything they touch dies. Everywhere they go becomes another hell just like the one they came from because they bring it with them. This is why they must be sent back to the appropriate plane. They are not supposed to be here people. They gotta go back home to their hell realm….and tell ’em don’t send a fuckin’ postcard!!!!!!!!!

If you want to be constantly drained by Satanic demons and risk being permanently separated from your one and only soul then go ahead and die with them. Some have already chosen that path through their lack of knowledge. The people perish for lack of knowledge. THEY ARE NOT HUMANS!!!!!!!!!!!! They are humanoid manimals created from black tantric sex. We needed them for slaves and workers but the experiment went bad. They regrouped in Europe 6000 years and the rest is HIS-STORY. They cannot be changed and we cannot fuck them out of existence because a mixed baby is just another demon hiding in brown skin instead of a pinkazoid hiding in a humanoid body. Use your first eye the pineal gland to see what they really are. Then there will be no surprises anymore because you will understand that they are only being what they are……….THE WALKING DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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