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Memorial Day Is Nothing But Celebration of White Supremacy

May 28, 2018

Do I even need to state this every year? First of all memorial  backwards looks like LIAR ROME and day backwards is YAD which is some Jewish pointing tool. Coincidence? Nothing is a coincidence in the Matrix. When you remember or memorialize anything it always brings back the pain of when it first happened. That’s all these yearly rituals are about…..stealing energy from us. It’s not about honoring the sacrifice of soldiers. It’s about laughing at soldiers who WERE sacrificed!!!!! It’s about the scumbag elite performing a yearly ritual that mocks idiots who join the military and lose their lives or get maimed and emotionally scarred for life fighting to make the Rothschilds richer. If you don’t get that by now you never will .


Whites cannot sleep at night unless people of color are suffering all over the planet. They define themselves by our suffering. That is how truly pathetic they are….forever paranoid someone is coming for them. They never identify the true enemy because they believe all the Jewish lies on TELL-A-VISION and all the propaganda in their bullshit-filled textbooks in public mis-education. I used to think whites could change. I was wrong. You cannot teach a dog how to meow or a cat how to bark. Let the karmic cosmic chips fall where they must. Peace….well after whites are all gone.


‘Making Sense of the Message’ – Joseph Chiappalone

May 1, 2018


Bush Funeral Freak Show

April 22, 2018

Look at these pedophile, tranny, pervert, faggot, pillhead, cokehead genetic misfits. Daddy Bush should be going any day now. Wouldn’t that be perfect. They had to put his perv ass in front to stop grabbing ass and pussy like Trump. Hillary looks psychotic as usual. Bill has his thumb up Jr’s ass. Obama is holding his breath from Hillary’s farts. Melania and Laura are high on pills as usual….Melania from being trafficked to marry Trump and Laura from murdering her ex-boyfriend with a car before Bush Jr had it all erased from her record.  Tranny Michael…..I mean Michelle wearing black to hide her big ass dick. And of course cokehead Jr still doing coke pretending to be a real man because he has a ranch. Sickness. Say hello to your leaders America. You’re all a bunch of dumb asses for getting rid of inbred royalty and then inviting it right back into America………just like dumb ass Cromwell did with the Jews and England.


Jewish Scam-Scum All In One Sick Pic

April 10, 2018

Hate them!!!! Hate them with everything you have. Didn’t have room for Netanyahu and Cheney.


They are largely responsible for the state of the world today.

Top left: Rupert Murdoch controls the global media.

Top right: Jacob Rothschild controls the dollar and central banking.

Bottom left: George Soros control funding for all progressive and liberal bullshit that is really Jewish gay and feminist agenda.

Bottom right: Henry Kissinger control global war policy and has ordered deaths of hundreds of millions.

When they’re gone the entire planet will become a better place instantaneously!!!!!!


Iran, Syria and North Korea Only Countries Left Without Rothschild Central Bank…GET IT NOW?!?!?!

January 3, 2018

You Have The Right To Remain Innocent – James Duane

December 7, 2017


Trump CANNOT launch nukes!!!!!

November 20, 2017


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