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Does the Environment Even Matter in a Hologram???

July 22, 2018

I used to play video games when I was a child. I liked the Dungeons and Dragons type stuff when you go on a quest to accomplish something or defeat some evil being. I don’t play anymore. I might get addicted and end up missing work. I already have enough reasons to do that….like them stealing 1/3 of my check each year and sending it to Britain, Israel and the Vatican.

Anyway remember how when things were going so bad in the video games from the beginning that rather than fix the mess you just hit the restart button for a fresh clean start? What is this false reality, hologram, Matrix or whatever you want to call it is like that too? We’re all worried about the environment, running out of fossil fuels which are not fossils anyway, clean water, fish die-offs, bees disappearing, etc. but in a video game none of that matters. It’s not real. I feel like we’re somewhere in between real and unreal at this point like we’re standing and straddling two horses not sure which one to sit down on.

What if they unplugged us from the real reality at some point and plugged us into a fake one run by AI? Is it really that hard to believe? Morpheus said the same thing when he had Neo in the construct and the plugs on his neck were gone. Maybe we are just avatars at this point… projections of our residual selves. I remember a few years ago in March there was a full moon in Virgo and I woke up that day unable to move. It was not sleep paralysis. I was just completely void of energy and drained like a succubus had gotten to me overnight. I don’t know what really happened to this day but it took me two days just to get back on my feet. What the hell was that? I suppose some negative entity could have been responsible but I regularly cleanse my place with sage and palo santo plus mantras, candles, etc so nothing should have been able to hit me like that. Oh and I was not hung over for the jokesters out there.

My theory is that this is when the did something with CERN and somehow swapped realities. The overlapping may have produced that effect because my body was not used to the time stream of this new false reality. I’m not sure if it happened to others. Most people are zombies anyway….agents of the Matrix who just eat, sleep, watch TV and shit. Where the hell are we right now?!?!?!?!?

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