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Whites In Denial About Our Ascension (and their descent)

August 16, 2018

Pyramid Clouds All Over America

August 16, 2018

Can someone say New Kemet!!!!!!!!!! Whites are so done……………


Tampa FL – Chemtrails, Laser Beam and Sun Simulator

June 14, 2018

If you cannot see this obvious shit then please consult an optometrist or ophthalmologist.



Nuclear Power Planets Are Ticking Time Bombs With Nibiru Here

June 9, 2018

U.S. Commercial Nuclear Power Reactors - Years of Operation

What else can I say? Whites are insane. But what did we expect would happen when we genetically engineered a race of animal humanoid hybrids to be our slaves and soldiers 6000 years ago? This HAD to happen. Kemet was destroyed by nuclear type weaponry and now it looks like new Kemet might face the same fate. The elite won’t even wait for the plants to go critical and meltdown from earthquakes. They will set them off on purpose right before they run and hide underground. They want to make sure no one is alive when they return to the surface after the coming apocalyptic nightmare. They know all about what is coming because they stole all of our ancient relics and artifacts. They study the cycles, the mythology (which is actually real-ology) and the planets and stars. What they cannot do is predict the Most High. Your karma will follow you anywhere and wherever you go. There is no place for evil to hide anymore. BOOM!!!!!!!!! You’re dead. Actually whites were never really alive because they don’t have souls. They are the Walking Dead….just animated golems and corpses.


Since When Is The Sun White and Hexagonal?

June 5, 2018

This is a Sun Simulator. I took it yesterday with just my cell phone. There are pics all over jewtube and the net so this is not isolated. It’s worldwide. Obviously this means something has happened to the real Sun. It appears to have a bunch of objects in its corona that are absorbing energy aka electrons from it. Does that mean our Sun is dying? If so would we all freeze to death without these simulators? UVC radiation is off the charts and only eumelanated people can withstand it. Most importantly who made these simulators?


Pink skins believe it’s our government….the same people who are “khem”trailing our skies to hide what is happening above as well as to poison us. I do not believe they have this capability even though they possess some of our ancient technology from all over the planet including Antartica and beyond.  They are simply too disconnected and stupid to figure it all out. I believe that these devices were made by the people of Nibiru/Nebheru so that they can stabilize the planet long enough to save some of us. Once the so-called “viables” are relocated then they will likely shut down the simulators and allow all life on the planet to die. Of course this assumes that the real Sun does not re-awaken before then. We’re right  at the end folks. Choose your side carefully. Whites are being exterminated by Mother Nature and the cosmos for their nonstop misdeeds. God cannot be mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap.




We Bout To Be Out Fam!!!!!!!!!

May 28, 2018

Check out this jewtube video…….Obviously if all the planets lining up on one side that has implications on Earth plane AS ABOVE SO BELOW. What it means is that the wheat will be separated from the tares…..Abel from Cain….and BLACKS FROM NONBLACKS!!!!! We got fam on the other side of the toroid Big Apple called Earth. We got fam fucking with the Sun. We got ancestors all over this place people!!!!!!!! I can see defeat in the white male’s eyes. They know what’s coming……..THE TRUE AVENGERS!!!!!!!!! Death is too good for them…….so we will just torture them for all eternity………abomination of creation that lives for destruction. Time to draw the line in the sand fam. If you want to stay with whites and die then go ahead. If you want to chose their demonic Jew-paper with our Kemetic symbols all over it then go ahead. Just because you have eumelanin doesn’t mean you’re going to make it. A whole bunch of us are getting the same treatment whites are getting for betraying our people. Give up Jesus and Christianity and you have a chance. The former is Satan and the latter is Satanism…..PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!


Stellar Cores Are Inside Sun’s Corona NOW!!!!!!

May 27, 2018

Looks like eumelanin to me and it’s come back to exterminate whites, sellouts and all nonblacks who hate blacks because they are jealous of our soul cosmic connection. Pathetic losers……..I can’t wait until they’re all dead. Without souls their existence is temporal and finite. Good night and good riddens…..

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