Reasons No Males Should Date American Females

March 15, 2019

Many are feminists who hate men and want to destroy the family so they can have a high paying corporate job courtesy of the Jews who just want them there to emasculate males.

Most of them are not that good in bed. You would think practice would make perfect but you would be wrong.

Many of them have STDs and otherwise bad hygiene.

They cheat just as much or more then men do now which is why they have so many STDs.

Most females are incapable of love and they blame all of their problems on men without accepting any responsibility whatsoever.

They are always challenging and competing with men instead of cooperating and complementing us. They hate gender roles. They hate the God that made them.

They think traditional values means men beating the woman, them cooking, cleaning and staying at home barefoot and pregnant. Nothing could be further from the truth.

They refuse to listen to any other opinions, beliefs, facts, wisdom, etc. They just want to be heard because no one wants to listen to them because they are so misguided.

They don’t know how to raise children properly because they got raised improperly as well.

They cannot make a healthy home-cooked meal so that makes the entire family’s ongoing health is at risk.

Many are drug addicts whether it’s alcohol, nicotine, xanax, cocaine, heroin, meth, ketamine or whatever.

They pretend to love themselves but it’s obvious as hell that they are overcompensating because they hate themselves…..as they should.

They cannot be trusted. They steal. They lie. They do anything for money…..and I do mean anything.

Most of them are airheads, highly unintelligent with the conversation of a glass of Kool-Aid or a second coat of paint.

They don’t know what is really going on in the world behind the scenes and don’t care as long as they keep getting a paycheck they really don’t deserve just for having a vagina and breasts.

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