True Detective S03 Finale: More Gay Shit

February 26, 2019

Mahershala Ali has become Hollywood’s new black man. It used to be Samuel L Jackson, then it became mostly Denzel for a while. Don Cheadle has completely lost his goddamn mind. Back in the day it was only Wesley Snipes for the longest until he fucked up and didn’t pay his Jew taxes and went to prison for it. As I always say how the hell could black people owe anything to whites? It’s criminal. Either way Ali is now the face of blackness in Jew-ass Hollywood. He is being used of course but who knows if he is even aware of it. He’s an Aquarius born in Feb 16 so he should be able to see through their bullshit but maybe he’s just ok with it or maybe he’s even a clone. He got his Hollywood pass officially when he won this Oscar for Best Actor in “Green Book” which I have no plans to see. It’s more gay shit like some racially reversed, faggot version of Driving Miss Daisy. Maybe they can call the sequel Driving Mr Lazy Goddamn Crazy.

serveimage (4)

Anyway the Season 3 finale of True Detective went pretty much according to the Jewish agenga. Ali’s character called “Purple” by his partner eventually located the white girl he had been hunting down for years after her brother had been killed as children and she ran away. She was grown with her own daughter but Ali had another blackout right when he was about to confront her and his children had to come pick him up since he didn’t remember where he was or how he got there. That’s just more symbolism of how black men have forgotten what we are Heru and Asar from Kemet.  Our DNA is locked down and our pineal glands are not functioning 100%. It’s also symbolism that somehow black men should die for white females. Fuck that shit. Those dog bitch demons ain’t worth a goddamn. All they do is eat, shit, sleep, fuck, shop and get high. They ain’t worth saving and the white male knows it because they are spiritually barren. In other words their kids never have souls. Look at them. If you don’t see a soulless kid below then your eumelanin is out of fucking order.

serveimage (3)

Second they had to make sure the psycho black wife was as bitchy as possible to  keep driving the wedge between Asar and Aset in our subconscious and in real life. I never saw how Ali’s wife died in the series. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention but I thought someone had killed her because she got too close to the case. Maybe they just split up and that was it. My point is still the same. Nurture discord between the black man and woman.


Notice how this whole season seemed to be about child sex trafficking and pedophilia but at the end they just made it about a crazy white female basically buying/adopting someone’s else child as her own since hers was killed in a car accident. This is not how it goes in real life. In real life the children are kidnapped, raped, tortured, their blood drank and then the corpse eaten by the psycho elite who think it keeps them young.  Of course they had another nigger helping these two white families, one rich and one poor, broker this deal to basically sell their daughter like some shit on Ebay. Whites care nothing for their children. I don’t care what they say. They are full of shit.


Now with the black woman is out of the  way and the white female idolized on her strip club pole pedestal the white man moves in with the black man. Yes Stephen Dorff moves in with Ali at the end of the finale for 3-5 days a week as they age together supposedly to watch over him when his son can’t since Dorff doesn’t have the memory problem that Ali does. That is nothing but a suggestion of homosexuality. Dorff even says he’ll put his own dogs in the backyard. Get it? I’ll put my dick in your ass is what he said. He’s saying I’ll put my dog DNA aside as much as possible. In the final scene the two couldn’t stop touching each other. This is just more Jew filth, like Neely Fuller said, to replace the black female vagina with the white male asshole.

Let’s hope it doesn’t work. I know it won’t on me. By the way, even though he is supposedly not in office anymore this is still all of Obama’s gay agenda given to him by the Jews to execute and enforce. Obama did this.


  1. He is a clone of Wesley snipes

    • 100% Agreed. I have no proof but everything I see says that and that’s all the proof I need.

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