Black History Month is a Satanic Ritual

February 1, 2019

Here we go again melanoids…..so-called Black History Month. Any label that pink skins put on us we should reject because it will always be self-limiting. We are an infinite people. We don’t need to be granted 28 days by pink skins to do anything..let alone celebrate our infinite cosmic legacy to the entire Universe and Omniverse.

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Let’s break down each of the words to see what they really mean:

1) Black – Indicates something dark or evil that absorbs light. You can also read it as be-lack as if we are missing something….maybe your damn B vitamins!!!! Blackness is chaos. Blackness is eumelanin. Pink skins just fear it because they don’t have it, don’t understand it and cannot control it. This is the basis of all of their silly ass horror movies and movies in general. Black is in reality purity far more so than whiteness because even whiteness comes from darkness.

2) History – We all remember remember when Public Enemy said history is really His-Story and they were right. Pink skins count history as when they first emerged on the global scene as a dominant player. They completely ignore everything that happened before we created them in some fucked up experiment. The elite have not only hidden much of our history but also the history of the pink skins. They really believe themselves to be humans despite their reptilian, psychopathic behavior and massive insecurities from being grafted from animal DNA. You can tell just by looking at them. Our history is mystery folks……plain and simple. It’s a mystery that is unfolding before our very eye…..the 1st eye falsely called the 3rd.

3) Month – Comes from the word moon or monad. Hmmm…..Now the serious students of this science know that melanoids are light beings who were trapped in flesh by the the Saturn-Moon matrix. The moon is self-illuminating and hollow inside. It is receiving a signal from Saturn’s rings that is making 3D reality appear real when it’s just a hologram. It’s also using magnetism to introduce a delay we experience as time between what we think and what actually happens. Normally our thoughts manifest instantly as gods but not in this Archontic/Draconian death trap we’re in. Death is a good thing as long as you don’t reincarnate. Death comes from Daath in Kabbalah and it means doorway. I would love to go back through the door of this false birth which is nothing but death in reality. Death is actually the true birth. So what happened to the real Moon? Did they hollow it out to make this death star? Did they move it somewhere else? Are the nodes really the moon and there are two of them? So much has been hidden that will be revealed in this Age of Aquarius but we are not a lunar people like the pink skins. We are solar people so we should not be referring to ourselves as anything lunar even though we honor the mother and mind that it represents.

So in summary the term Black History Month is inappropriate even for 28 days. They must have chosen 28 days to mirror those stupid horror movies. A better term would be Melanated Mystery Year. We are melanated. We are mystery. We are solar people and that is represented by a year. It should be 13 months of 28 days plus a Day out of Time but the pink skins want to keep us out of cycle with the rhythms of nature. Don’t let them.

This is nothing but another Satanic ritual always scheduled around the time of the Super Bowl that I call Super Bowel because it distracts us and steals our energies that need to be put to better use in liberating ourselves from these flesh bodies and getting back to the cosmos.

Return to your roots…..and stay there!!!!!!!!

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