How To Torture White People

January 5, 2019

Most people of color on this planet that are still partially sane hate white people. Whites are not humans and they behave as such. They only care about money. They have zero conscience. They are paranoid. They are violent. They are perverts. They have sex with animals. They just live in humanoid bodies and everyone else has been tricked into believing that makes you human. It doesn’t. A soul makes you human and whites don’t have one. Melanin keeps demons from attacking you and attaching themselves to you. Since whites don’t have any eumelanin demons can possess most of them at will depending on how strong they are. Some whites have dog in them. Others have primate DNA. Even others have pig in them. Who did this experiment and why is not the topic of this brief article. It’s a long story with a short ending…..extinction…..not of humanity but rather mankind. Whites are mankind or a kind of man….an unnatural one.

Anyway we have to deal with whites and take their shit every day until nature exterminates them and that is well underway. In the meantime you can get revenge on them while they sleep. Just think of the white person that is causing you grief before going to bed. Your subconscious will locate the astral body of that white person while they sleep and terrorize. They won’t be able to sleep at all without taking a pill or getting drunk and passing out. Even then you can still terrorize them. This is justice. They terrorize people of color each and every day. We can and should terrorize them each and every night. Your mileage may vary. Have fun!!!!! Who needs a gun?!?!?!

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