Create Unnatural, Soulless Life and It Will Destroy You

October 26, 2018

Man is always trying to create other forms of life. The problem is what we are not the Creator so we cannot endow any of that life with a soul. All it does is create negative spirits or entities that are able to animate a corpse or physical body. It doesn’t matter whether it is insects, animals, mammals, birds or whatever. We are not one with the Creator in our present form and that means we have ZERO rights to be experimenting with genes and DNA to alter what the Creator has already set in motion.


Back during Kemet and Kush pre-dynastic times melanoids were like gods. We had all sorts of powers and could manipulate the elements at will but over time we experienced a spiritual fall for several reasons. As a result we lost many of our powers but since we missed having them so much we turned to black tantra to create other forms of life. Needless to say the pink race of savages called falsely called whites were the result.

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Now the crackazoid wants to deploy artificial intelligence worldwide as a pseudo new form of life. It’s the same thing that we did using black magick but they are using machines and computers to do it. The same thing  will result. Their creation will turn on them and enslave them just like they enslaved us. They cannot avoid it. They are compulsive. They are compelled to do what it wrong and they never disappoint.

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