Why Whites Are Always On Time

September 9, 2018

Ever wonder why whites always have to be on time?!?!?! I do. Think about it. Whites are temporal beings. Time isn’t real and so they probably are not either. These Archons probably just inserted them into the Matrix to torture us. Without a soul time becomes how you measure the length of everything……excluding their short dicks but I digress.

Whites are always talking about doing all this stuff in some fucking hurry. They talk about their bucket list of dumb shit they have to do before they die. Why? What’s the fucking rush if you can reincarnate?!?!? They can’t. Whites live one life and then die returning to the lower realms they came from. They are basically on an extended vacation from hell even though they turned our heaven into hell. It’s what they do. They have the anti-Midas touch. Everything they touch turns to lead like Saturn, Kronos, the lord of time.

Well their goddamn time is running out and we need to focus our energies on accelerating all negative events to them so we are not here in 20 so-called years still waiting on these fuckers to die out. Use your imagination and think about a world of only blacks……no genetically modified losers, which include all non-blacks. Also think about the world free of 90% of blacks because they are all sellouts and coons who cannot come where the 10% are going. Let them love their fake dumb ass faggot maggot Jesus. They can all go to hell with Jesus. The Jews got that part right. Jesus really is in hell boiling in a vat of faces and crackazoids are going back there to join them in eternal suffering and damnation.

So in summation whites are always in a hurry because they know they have to go back home to hell when they die. They are never coming back………..EVER!!!!!!! Amen-RA!!!!!!!!!!!

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