Top 13 Ways Black Relationships Are NOT Like White Ones

September 8, 2018
  1. We have souls and they don’t.
  2. We experience unconditional love and they only know conditional possession.
  3. Money comes before everything with whites. We put each other first when we’re in our right minds.
  4. We do rites of passage to turn boys into men and girls into women. They remain infantile their entire lives.
  5. We respect and honor the elderly. They throw them in rest homes and kill them for the insurance.
  6. Black women practice nurturing. White females practice narcissism and negligence of their kids.
  7. We practice gender roles. They practice gender neutrality and gender fluidity. In other words they’re all gay.
  8. We pray to the Creator. They pray that Satan keeps us in bondage.
  9. We listen. They run their mouths incessantly and never listen.
  10. We have compassion and empathy thru our heart chakra. They are trapped in the lower chakras of instinct, fear and survival.
  11. We discipline our children to correct their behavior not to get them off our backs in fits of anger.
  12. We practice matrimony of the soul….not manmade marriage for taxes, diamond rings and a high priced honeymoon.
  13. The woman rules the inside of the home and the man rules the outside.

When we imitate our impersonators it doesn’t mean we have become that. It just means we are asleep and need to wake the fuck back up and return home. We have been gone for far too long black people. Come back home.

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