Why I Hate All Other Races (Including Bi-racials and Coons)

July 31, 2018

Arabs – They hate blacks because they project their hatred of themselves onto us like the rest. They have been conquering and exploiting Afraka for centuries. They are still slavetrading and sex trafficking today and have zero respect for our legacy that allowed every other race on this planet to exist……our genes and DNA. They are mostly a race of savages just like whites.

Whites – Like the Arabs they hate themselves and project it onto us. Whites say that blacks do everything evil that they themselves do as if that somehow absolves them of the crimes just by verbally flipping their own sins. Examples: Whites say blacks are violent when they drop bombs on the entire planet. Whites say blacks have sex with animals when they have sex with animals. Whites say black females are welfare queens when it’s white females that get the majority of welfare by far.

Asians – Another group that stole everything from Afrakan culture and claims to be the originators of all of it. Look at the Japanese in video games and then look at a Bantu Afrakan dialect. Look similar don’t they? That’s because the whole planet was black before these pig gene losers showed up after genetic re-engineered. Chinese and Japanese and Koreans hate blacks intensely. They are jealous like the rest. The darker southeastern Asians are usually ok with us…..like I give a shit either way. We are God. They are ripoffs…all of them.

Indians – These weirdos are nothing but white people with melanin. They all work in IT just like whites. They are all gay just like whites. They hate women just like whites. When I see an Indian all I see is a black white person. And they have the goddamn nerve to look down on blacks and Afrakans?!?!?! Wait until the Jew gets done with them. There won’t be a straight one left…….if there are any now that is. They all seem gay to me. And take a goddamn bath once in a while you funky fuckers!!!!!!

Red Natives – These assholes stole our birthright in our own homeland………THE LAND!!!! They migrated here from Asia and mixed with the Olmecs. Then they migrated north to what later became the US. Black natives were already here and had been here tens of thousands of years. The reds showed up and were terrified of the white male’s violent tendencies so they made backdoor deals with them so they would get land and blacks would get nothing. Look up the Dawson rolls and the Five Civilized Tribes to see how they betrayed us. No wonder most of them are dead now. Karma is a bitch………BITCH!!!!!!!

Biracials – These fuckers can’t decide who the fuck they want to be can they? One day they want to be white for the money. Then the next they want to be black to feel cool. They’re confused as hell. Fuck them. You cannot have a friend that has a variable identity. They will sell your ass out. It’s just a matter of time. Of course they think they’re all pretty because of their lighter skin and “good” hair whatever the fuck that means. All blacks have good hair. No one likes a mutt. I prefer cats.

Coons and Sellouts – These niggas are the reason blacks haven’t overcome yet. They spend their entire lives trying to undermine anything positive for blacks. They love to act as spokepersons for the alt-right, Trump, Republicans, the KKK and anyone else that looks different from us. I’ll be blunt. These people have to be killed. I ain’t going through all that Drop Squad shit.


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  1. “They all work in IT…” had me in tears!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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