Nuclear Power Planets Are Ticking Time Bombs With Nibiru Here

June 9, 2018

U.S. Commercial Nuclear Power Reactors - Years of Operation

What else can I say? Whites are insane. But what did we expect would happen when we genetically engineered a race of animal humanoid hybrids to be our slaves and soldiers 6000 years ago? This HAD to happen. Kemet was destroyed by nuclear type weaponry and now it looks like new Kemet might face the same fate. The elite won’t even wait for the plants to go critical and meltdown from earthquakes. They will set them off on purpose right before they run and hide underground. They want to make sure no one is alive when they return to the surface after the coming apocalyptic nightmare. They know all about what is coming because they stole all of our ancient relics and artifacts. They study the cycles, the mythology (which is actually real-ology) and the planets and stars. What they cannot do is predict the Most High. Your karma will follow you anywhere and wherever you go. There is no place for evil to hide anymore. BOOM!!!!!!!!! You’re dead. Actually whites were never really alive because they don’t have souls. They are the Walking Dead….just animated golems and corpses.

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