The Stupidity and Parasitism of British Royalty – David Icke

May 18, 2018

Give me a fucking break with this royal shit!!!!! These people are demons and that’s all. Demons only feed on others. They have no real power except what we give to them. They have no Light. They have no souls. They are energy parasites and manipulators. They trick you into giving them what they want by lowering your frequency down to theirs where they can feed on you. They use chemtrails, food additives, fluoridated water, miseducation, porn, alcohol, drugs, money, etc. Anything you desire can be used against you.

majesty (n.)
c. 1300, “greatness, glory,” from Old French majeste “grandeur, nobility” (12c.), from Latin maiestatem (nominative maiestas) “greatness, dignity, elevation, honor, excellence,” from stem of maior (neuter maius), comparative of magnus “great, large, big” (of size), “abundant” (of quantity), “great, considerable” (of value), “strong, powerful” (of force); of persons, “elder, aged,” also, figuratively, “great, mighty, grand, important,” from suffixed form of PIE root *meg- “great.” Earliest English us is with reference to God; as a title, in reference to kings and queens (late 14c.), it is from Romance languages and descends from the Roman Empire.

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