The Real Reason Trump Still Has Base (aka bottom) Support

April 30, 2018

At this point even the dumbest redneck call tell Trump has sold the entire country out to Russia. Russia and China are friends too so guess what’s next?!?!?! Most people are perplexed as to why redneck racists would support someone that has sold them out but they never analyze the psychology of white idiots to deduce the answer.

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Redneck racists don’t care anymore that they have been screwed out of the American dream. They pretty much gave up on that a long time ago as jobs were sent overseas and the banks were bailed out to their dismay. The reason they still support Trump is because they want Trump to hurt people of color……and the darker they are the more damage they hope he inflicts. MAGA = Make Anglos Gullible Again.

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It is no longer a matter of lifting themselves up but only a matter of dragging others down. Whites cannot live with themselves when too many people of color have more money than they do. They become suicidal and that is what we see happening with  middle-aged white America. To them money is a symbol of whiteness. To a certain degree they are correct but what they ignore is that it is a symbol of white elites……and not their dumb broke asses. That’s the trick they always fall for…….wink wink…..like Trump will look out for  their interests behind closed doors against those of blacks, Latinos, Indians, etc.

Trump will NEVER look out for anyone but himself and whoever he has forged his financial dealings with to make more loot for himself. It’s the same thing when they say people who cannot lift themselves up will always try to drag others down. It’s childish as hell. It’s also like the angry ex-boyfriend who sees his ex back in good shape after their breakup and with another  guy and then gets angry. He doesn’t want her but he doesn’t want anyone else to have her either. “If we’re going down then we’re taking all you niggers with us too!!!!!!!!!!” Nothing but parasites on humanity.

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These rednecks are clueless. Maybe it’s all the heroin they do. When your entire life centers around not improving your own but only making it miserable for people of color you cease to even have a life. You’re the Walking Dead. You are just a permanent spectator at a gladiator competition hoping the white guy kills the black guy at the end so you can go home and feel like a man screwing whatever will screw you back…..female, male, child or animal. Pathetic….and not even worth the time I spent to expose it.

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