The Meek Mill – Cosby Prison Swap

April 28, 2018

I used to watch the Fat Albert show when I was little. Hey hey hey!!!!!!!!! It’s Fat Albert!!!!!!! You know the rest. Looking back at it that was really an unhealthy thing to be celebrating. Black people largely have an unhealthy relationship with food……especially toxic soul food that is full of pork, grease and salt.

That said this whole thing with Meek and Cos is nothing but a prison exchange. In other words Jews arranged for Cos to go down as disgraced symbol of the family. Blacks know we have a huge issue with drunk ass uncles molesting their nieces and nephews when they are little. He was a positive symbol until he tried to buy NBC from Jews. Jews never share their mind control with anyone. Cos was dumb for that.

Personally I don’t listen to Meek Mill. I always hear it at the hood clubs though. I don’t see what’s so great about him so he must be a symbol to tha hood. Basically he grew up poor and raised by a single mom. His dad was killed in some robbery….blah blah blah. I’m not being callous but it’s just the typical hood story……blood….sacrifice…..violence….false religion (jesus)…..unstable family….betrayal……lack of unity……and then making it big as a rapper to do the brainwashing bidding of the Jews who use rap and hip hop (heil hitler) to keep the black mind operating on a low frequency of paper chasing and misogyny.

His life is a dream come true for most poor blacks…..to become rich and famous and ignore the spirit inside you because money is the replacement for it. This leads to nothing but more death…..and death is debt (niggas always blow all their damn money and end up broke again) and nobody knows more about creating debt than the Jews and their global usury scam we are all cursed to live under for now.  Now more than ever Dreams and Nightmares is telling us what is going on. We still don’t get it.

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