The School Violence Psyop and Gun Control

March 24, 2018

People of America there is no goddamn serious issue with gun violence at the nation indoctrination temples called schools (because all the fish swim in the same direction to nowhere but a corporate slave job). They are almost ALL psyops and false flags. The scumbucket elite just want to take away the people’s guns. It’s not complicated at all and now they have hired all these teenagers to go on TV crying for real or imagined reasons in some blanket effort to get Congress to ban assault weapons which will lead to even further restriction down the road and eventually to no guns whatsoever like in Britain and Canada. Of course we already know the Rothschilds control both of those so we also know who’s behind the shenanigans here in America as well.


I’m positively on the side of the NRA even though every single of these rednecks can kiss my beautiful black ass and die. If rednecks really wanted to they could take over this country in one day with all the weapons and ammunition that they stockpile. They are constantly practicing shooting at ranges and in the woods. The police don’t even bother with that. They just use blacks and Latinos for targets but there is no way the Rothschild and their Soros counterparts funding all of this stupid school shooting protest shit are going to win this time. It’s like Charlton Heston used to say when he was president of the NRA and obviously before he died “”I’ll give you my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands”. See for yourself.


Now theatrics aside…….because I know how much Americans like a good fucking show!!!!!! great fucking show!!!!!!! no fucking substance!!!!!!! but this is just a fucking circus on CNN and JEWS outlets right now. Rupert Murdoch and George Soros must be masturbating themselves to death right now. They have choirs and gospel songs and all this nonstop emotion laden bullshit going on all damn day and for what?!?!? To steal your guns so the Jews and their minions (Zionists, Jesuits, Vatican, etc) can lock us down for good once and for all. It’s the final nail in their New World Order people. Don’t buy bitcoin which is another Jew scam. Buy guns and ammo…and plenty of it!!!!!!! We’re going to need it because the police, military, National Guard (what a joke that name is), the FBI, SBI, CIA, MI6 and Mossad are all coming to kill any resistors. They are the Borg from Star Trek and they believe we MUST be assimilated. I’d tell them to kiss my ass but I know they tried to fuck me in it too if I let their lips that close.

Are black people missing something here? Ummmm why the fuck are you worried about gun violence at public indoctrination centers when the cops can shoot and kill you at will and walk away scott free each and every fucking time?!?!?! That Jew perv Soros funded that whole bullshit “Don’t Shoot” movement as well. Once again….just like Jewish feminism….we are sticking our noses where it doesn’t fucking belong. Who cares if white people kill white people?!?!?! I fucking don’t. They don’t care if we kill each other so why should we care if they kill each other??!?! Please someone explain to me logically how that makes sense?!?!?! This is what whites see in their minds when they hold a gun………A BIG BLACK DICK SHOOTING SEMEM BULLETS THAT CAN GENETICALLY ANNIHILATE THEM!!!!!!! Read the Isis Papers by Dr Frances Cress Welsing.

serveimage (3)

We stand a better chance at getting away in a mixed crowd anyway because whites are so slow with no reaction speed and our melanin makes us fucking track stars and pro athletes all over this planet we used to rule before the unwelcome savages arrived and overstayed. I say more guns in school…..Shit let the children have them too. I reserve the term kids for white children because they are the goats used for Jewish sacrifice today just like in that sick ass Old Testament. Black children are NOT goats. NEVER refer to them in that manner…or I’ll sacrifice YOU my damn self!!!!!!!!!!! Only white kids are born for the slaughter.

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One of these days real soon blacks are either going to realize this one thing or we’re all going to be exterminated. WHITES ARE NOT HUMANS!!!! They are humanoid animal hybrids pretending to be human. We are the only humans on this planet because the Supreme put us here (not God because God is a German word that means something evil). Whites were grafted from our DNA and hybridized with animals a few thousand years ago. The Moors felt sorry for their dumb asses in such a wretched, filthy and ignorant condition and probably wanted to show off their knowledge as well to seem like gods but then foolishly taught whites so much that they turned the tables on them and the rest is HIS-STORY instead of MY-STORY or mystery.

To make matters worse then the Melchite Coptics in Kemet/Kush were dumb enough to accept the false Greek god Serapis in place of Osiris/Asar/Wsir and that later became the non-existent Jesus maggot faggot Christians and Catholics are wasting their lives worshiping every Sunday (which is really Monday) and giving power to the very system that has all their dumb asses enslaved financially and otherwise. What a fucking mess……If only I had a time machine I’d set all this shit straight in about five fucking minutes…..FIVE FUCKING MINUTES MAN!!!!! That’s all it would take me……….and done. There would be no whites, no fake Jews and no goddamn Jesus. That alone would fix most of the world’s problems. How? Because they ARE most of the world’s problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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