51 Things White People Love…The Redux

March 10, 2018
  1. Killing black people.
  2. Pretending to hate black on black crime.
  3. Ignoring white on white crime.
  4. Groupon.
  5. Anything overpriced.
  6. Fungus.
  7. Fireworks (reminds them of war)
  8. War movies.
  9. Horror movies.
  10. Scifi (because they know their race won’t be there)
  11. The GAP…..still…….
  12. Disney (global pedophilia network)
  13. Not being reminded of slavery
  14. Flip flops
  15. Mayonnaise
  16. Starbucks!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Guns (because they’re shaped like black dicks)
  18. Skiing
  19. Flying
  20. Boating
  21. Training animals (because they’re training themselves)
  22. Dogs (because they share DNA)
  23. Dairy (normal people are lactose intolerant)
  24. Pretending cow’s milk is for humans
  25. Not feeling racist while being racist.
  26. Big Ass White Lies
  28. Pizza
  29. Snorkeling
  30. Ziplining
  31. Making blacks appear dumb
  32. Bestiality
  33. Incest
  34. Opioids
  35. Cannibalism (consuming any raw meat)
  36. Viagra
  37. Cocaine
  38. Alcohol (necessary for white metabolism)
  39. Complaining about immigration
  40. Extreme sports (anything close to death)
  41. Goofiness
  42. Electric Slide….still……damn……
  43. Getting melanoma at the beach
  44. Using the word “unfortunate” to hide corruption and racism
  45. Pretending to be black
  46. Dancing off the beat (actually they can’t help it)
  47. Cultural plagiarism of Ancient Egypt
  48. Pretending Egypt/Kemet is in Europe
  49. Raising their children with nannies and boot camp
  50. The Dow Jones (even with no investment)
  51. Trailer park
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