NBA Jewish Owners Pit Blacks Against Each Other

February 13, 2018

The NBA is Jew infested beyond repair. I’ve already done a post on how they own almost every team except for the Charlotte Hornets under Michael Jordan the only black owner since Bob Johnson sold the team to him so he could go sell us out again in some other venture.


Whites and Jews are animals. We already know this…..literally…….genetically. We know they have a blood lust that must be perpetually satiated by spilling the melanated blood of people of color. What most don’t know is that the Jews that own the NBA were also many of the same families of Ashkhenazi Jews that owned the massive slave plantations during the TransAtlantic slave trade which also enslaved many blacks native to America. The existence of black natives is ignored and flat out denied by ALL European historians because they are all liars that seek to undermine our global identity to prevent unity that would spell their quick and violent destruction as whites compose only 9% of the people on the plane-t.


The Jewish media always incites feuds between players like Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. When the trade happens the Jew owners re-arrange the TV schedule so the games with feuding players are always televised so they can whet the appetite of the white general public with a simulated war…..just like with football. Sports is war simulation except the people watching are too cowardly to join the military and go die directly for the Rothschilds. Instead they have their quasi-war from their living rooms watching their HDTVs so they can get up in the morning and go to their corporate slave jobs where the Rothschild will rake in 30% of their income right off the top. Hahahaha………..


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