White Female Negrophile Questioned by Neely Fuller

February 8, 2018


This bitch just want some black dick. Talking bout da evil, arrogant white man done abused her and now she jumping the fence because blacks are more humble. Ain’t nothing humble about niggas. We arrogant as hell on the outside because we know we getting punked internally by the white man. Whites never understand the complex dynamic of what their abuse has done to us and our collective psyche. Furthermore they don’t give a shit. She probably there as a damn spy anyway.

To make it worse the bitch want us to help her fight other crackers. Bitch….that’s your battle not ours!!!!!! We fighting all of ya’ll cracka asses. What the hell we wanna help you win your battle for so you can put us right back where we were?!??!……..nowhere worshiping a mythical Jesus. Civil rights was for whites……just like everything else. They just put a blackface on it so feminism could take its course for white females. Now they get more welfare and food stamps than anybody else on the whole (not as a percentage).

They should have thrown that bitch out on her face because I know she ain’t got no ass unless she bought it. GO BACK TO YOUR LAME ASS WHITE MAN!!!!!! HOE!!!!!

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