Why The Sun Is Now White (Hint: It’s Hotter)

January 26, 2018

Some people, especially on Jewtube, have noticed that the  Sun looks white now whereas 10-20 years ago it appeared yellowish-orange. You don’t have to be a scientist to understand the electromagnetic spectrum and ROYGBIV. Obviously orange and yellow are the longer wavelengths and white encompasses the entire spectrum (not white people who are actually pink lunar people as opposed to brown solar people like “blacks”). So why are all the color combining into one? Simple. The Sun is getting hotter. The Solar Eclipse of 2017 opened to doorway for our African ancestors to return. Whites and Jews are still clamoring to shut it using CERN but it will never work. They always fail in the end because the Supreme is all-powerful (like Durga in Hinduism) and cannot be defeated. The Supreme is the very atoms that constitute your entire physical body and existence. How can you defeat someone that is the very fabric of your existence? Their arrogance is always their downfall. They are lied to that they are great when they are just stupid and disconnected. Even if you could show down the Divine you would then cease to exist along with all of Creation…..idiots. White and Jewish elite scum think they can escape to some parallel dimension that may or may not even exist. Once again it won’t work. The Divine doesn’t allow their dumb stupid monkey shit to ever work when it comes down to it. They may make small gains to give them false hope so that in the end their demise and defeat is even greater and more calamitous.

sun then and now

So back to the Sun. We are at the end of a 400 year cycle that began in 1617 when slaves first landed in Jameston VA. Of course black natives were already here. Most “blacks” are the products of those mixing with a few pink skins thrown in from rape. Of course our melanin weeds out that inferior crap in one generation and back to black!!!!!! Whites lie about the black natives of course so we never get any of our land returned to us but instead have to watch the treasonous and treacherous Johnny come lately ass “reds” reaping in millions from their casinos on reservations they were given since pink skins are addicted to gambling. At least they know how to get their money back. Take advantage of the myriad of pink skin weaknesses around drugs, sex, golf, whatever. They do it to us. Do it back to them. Make them suffer.

Now that the ancestors are returning in full fury the Sun is merely reflecting that. Whenever things heat up they turn “white” hot. Duh…..Some believe it’s chemtrails doing it. Some believe the Sun is dying. Some believe it’s a fake Sun and others believe it’s all smoke and mirrors. Whatever…The Sun is white hot and nothing can stop it. It’s not 93 million miles away. The Sun is only thousands of miles away…….another Euro-lie perpetrated on all of mankind and humanity. The only humans are people of African descent. All other “races” are hybrids created by some hater that wanted to put the Creator’s true people into chains because they were jealous of our abilities. Sound familiar? Of course the Euro-Jews pretend they are chosen but the only they chose was to serve the Devil/Satan who doesn’t even like them to be honest. They are just fraudsters about to all be killed by the one true Essence of all that exists.

The Sun is simply burning up whites because they have no defense for the more powerful rays being emitted. Their phenomelanin is inferior. It cannot provide UV protection from the more powerful rays not even with their strongest sunscreen. Now they are taking melanotan and all this other crap to try to become black but it won’t work just like all of their plans ultimately fail. Melonoma deaths are skyrocketing because pink skins still want to be just like us by lying out and dying out. Hahaha….. They will either burn up or go hide underground but there is nowhere and no way to hide from your own karma when it comes due and it’s due now bitches!!!!!!!!!! The Creator will find you and kill your ass no matter where you are. Blacks are the Creator collectively and now that we are realizing that en masse it is up to up when and how all these fucked up “hybrid” races die out. I’m all for right now. Fuck ’em. Hell awaits you and yours children of Set and Apep.

And don’t call my ass asking me to go get shit during the day. Whites used to say niggers have to go home at sundown so their women wouldn’t fuck us and because we can hide at night with our darker skin catching them by surprise. Now the entire planet is about to become a sundown town for their asses except they can only come out at night……and then we annihilate the remaining survivors. Good riddance to bad genetic rubbish.

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