MLK Was a Philanderer, Drunk, Woman Beater, Plagiarist, Communist and a CIA Asset…..and NOT A DOCTOR OR REVEREND!!!!!!!!!!

January 15, 2018

If whites like him you know it’s bad for black people. Listen to what Malcolm X himself said:

I always hated MLK and that stupid pacifist Jesus crap bullshit. If he came back I’d kill him again. Black people are dumb as hell. Whites never would allow anything good for us and then give him a holiday after Bush Jr had him killed. Sharpton and Jackson were all part of it too. Then Farrakhan (fair or con?) turned around had Malcolm assassinated. They always infiltrate, separate and assassinate just like a parasite. MLK didn’t write those speeches. It’s been proven irrefutably. He also was a drunk, a woman beater and a liar. Why change your name from Michael King to Martin Luther King? Because whites worship Martin Luther is why and they want us to worship them and their gods like that phony maggot Jesus that never existed.

King was a thief and a plagiarist as well. He lied about his education. I Have A Dream was not written entirely by him at all. MLK was also a woman beater……especially when he would get drunk. Why are we celebrating this puppet ass loser? He was a CIA asset plain and simple. They used him to pacify and placate us just like the Jesus lie and then they killed him just to hurt us even more like the crucifixion which of course never happened because you cannot kill something that is not even real.

Look at the astro-numerology of this charlatan as well. He was born on January 15, 1929. That is near the cusp of two signs: Capricorn and Aquarius…both ruled by Saturn. Saturn is the father so they use that deeply rooted symbolism to get up to look up to him as an authority figure. 29 is a number of death. It is also 119 or 911 backwards. Bush Sr had him killed on April 4, 1968. That is 44 or 8 which as numbers of 3D reality and materialism. If you divide 4 into 68 you get 17 which is 1+7=8. Jesus the myth is also associated with the number 8 which is akin to Sagittarius the philosophical one. They are also ruled by Jupiter the planet of expansion and even excess. Everything lined up perfect for the pink skin crackazoid to infect our minds with this gutless fraud. We still stuck in the fucking muck today. Anything whites celebrate is always bad for us…….by definition. Get it through your thick fucking heads people and stop with all that goddamn emotional bullshit. Only facts can restore Ma’at….not your crying or your emotional attachments to things from the past still lurking in our collective genes.


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