Will Trump Be Assassinated? Yup…….

December 24, 2017

In short yes. It’s only a question of when. We already know it will be the Jesuits behind it…..of which Mike Pence is one and will there after assume the presidency even though it’s just a puppet position of the elite scum pedophiles. Trump is just a useful idiot much like the Tarot Fool card bearing the same name. Trump’s luck is about to run out. He has tons of bad karma from how he has treated people in this life and keeps racking up more and more on a daily basis. At least the blood will match those red ties he always wears that were  made on cheap Chinese labor. Of course he may be poisoned instead of shot. What difference does it make? Why does God even allow moronic orangutan savages  like that to exist? The answer will reveal itself to melanated people once we realize that we are what we have been seeking. Hidden in plain sight fam.

the real holy trinity

Understand that this is ALL a pointless attempt to prevent the Asarian Resurrection. Heru will be re-born and pink skin cave maggots cannot prevent it. They are pulling out all the stops with fear and diversion tactics. Don’t fall for it. All is Mind. Control yours and you control them. Give up Jesus or die eternal.


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