The Black Jesus Trap

December 19, 2017

There is no black Jesus fam. How do I know? Because there is no Jesus period……white or black. It’s just a symbol of white supremacy so whites can stay rich and we can stay broke through energetic transference from us to them……especially on Sundays (which are astrologically Mondays….Wednesdays are the true Sundays). Black people are always going to come in last place until they start studying my-story, which is mystery, and not his-story which is hogwash bullshit. If you send your children to public school they are already doomed. Everything that whites claim to be was stolen from us, stripped of its spirituality and then fed back to us as materialistic, shallow mash because without eumelanin it’s all they can do….plagiarize other people’s cultures. We are still eating their regurgitated dogshit each and every day.

black jesus

I shouldn’t even go into how Greek Ptolemy I (after Kemet’s fall) created Serapis to unify the kingdom. It didn’t work. The Kemites basically ignored the fucker and kept worshiping the Neteru as Neberdjer intended. Then much later under the Romans Constantine and the Niocene Councils come along and re-use that same Serapis to create the mythical Jesus character. Jesus already had traits of Heru from when Ptolemy I created Serapis so you see Europoid maggots not only steal from us but each other as well. There is no honor among thieves.

When you worship a false god you give your attention and energy to it making it real in your mind. That means your true gods, the Neteru, are being ignored. They don’t like that shit so they allow us to suffer because we have to save ourselves. We are the Neteru. You are Isis. You are Osiris. You are Heru…..the HERO!!!!!! You must save yourself. No one else can or will do it. Jesus cannot die for your sins even if he was real. Why? Because every soul has its own karma. Not even Jesus could violate cosmic law. Everyone has to save their own soul. Whitey lied and people died………especially their damn consciousness.

It may sound hip or Afrocentric to say black Jesus because the Bible describes him as brass colored with woolly hair but the Bible is all astrotheology and metaphor. It is NOT literal. Literalism killed the cat. Stop doing it. Dig deeper. Until you do you will remain in the “sunken place”. Learn to meditate so your higher self can give you the answers you need and seek. There is no other way…..unless you want to keep waiting on some gay, blue-eyed maggot who doesn’t exist and hence is never coming back….except in your mind.

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