Bureau of Land Management Hoarding Land…Not For Much Longer!!!!!!

December 16, 2017

Black natives are entitled to land. We were here before the reds. Look at all this land the government is just hoarding and won’t give blacks even a fucking acre. We are not even citizens but they still make us pay taxes. I can’t wait for this shithole to burn to the ground. It’s already started in California but we need more and stronger earthquakes and hurricanes. That is the black female energy so I hope they are praying for death………..of the Europoid and their lovers/minions of all so-called races.

BLM stolen land

I do daily execration rituals to kill Apep (the white race) and Set ( his coons and minions) and today that included the Bureau of Land Management. All blacks should do the same. Put your thoughts into their death and eventually it will manifest. Go ahead and be nice to them to keep a paycheck but think about a world without whites. It’s not far away.


It’s not about giving us some land. It’s about returning ALL of it to the rightful owners and original people (not the lying reds), paying us for what you did and taking your monkey asses back to YOUR-ROPE or Europe the land of no EU-melanin. Nothing short of that is sufficient and will result in our collective thoughts killing whites through Mother Nature. Done. You are now returned to your demise which is already in progress.



Burn Hollywood Burn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get the fuck off our land!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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