Jeff Flake and His Fluke Speech

October 25, 2017

You’re not risking anything by standing up when you are retiring. You are risking everything material when you stand up early in your career and during your career…..not at the end. Standing up at the end is NOT standing up. It is a last and least ditch effort to not appear like the coward you have been the entire time when you SHOULD have been speaking up. People died. You lied. The same goes for the former Klansman Robert Byrd and personal friend of Hillary Clinton. You cannot recant at your retirement or on your death bed. The damage you did or didn’t prevent is already done and karma will make you pay for it…….period. I’m sure he will still be standing for the racist flag no matter what happens. No one that wants to make a positive difference wold ever join up with a system that you know from the jump was already completely compromised. Even if you didn’t know then once you found out you would leave. You stayed the whole time knowing there was nothing you could do from the inside so that makes you part of the same system you are railing about hypocrite!!!!!!! Now you want to ride off into the sunset like some hero. You’re not a hero. You’re a silent scumbag………and even your family knows it despite how much of our money you spend on them.

Take a permanent hike while you await the Creator’s judgment on your action/inaction. The name fits………FLAKE!!!!!! FAKE!!!!!!!!

If you want to do the right thing then return the land to the black and red natives you stole it from, pay reparations for slavery, return to Europe and dismantle global white supremacy. Anything short of that is short of what the Creator requires. Karma rules and every single pink devil on this planet will pay for their crimes against humanity……..especially since they are NOT humans.

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