Haitian National Anthem Is Worth Standing For….FUCK AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!

October 14, 2017
For Haiti, the Ancestors’ Country
We must walk hand in hand
There must not be traitors among us
We must be ourselves’s unique master
Let’s walk hand in hand
For Haiti can be more beautiful.
Let us, Let us put our heads together
For Haiti in the name of all the Ancestors.For Haiti and for the Ancestors
We must be able, valiant men
Men are not born to serve other men
That is why all mothers and all fathers
Must send their child to school
Must they learn, must they know
What Toussaint, Dessalines, Christophe, Petion
Did to take Haitians under white people’s boots.For Haiti in the name of the Ancestors
We must toil, we must sow
It is in the soil, that all our strength seats
It is it that feeds us
Let us toil the soil, let us toil the soil
Joyfully, may the land be fertile
Mow, water, men like women
Must we come to live only by our arms’ strength.

For Haiti in the name of the Ancestors
Let’s us raise our head and look above
Must everyone ask the Grandmaster
To grant us protection
For evils may not turns us back
For we will march in the good path
For liberty be liberty
May justice cover the Nation.
We have a flag like all people
We must love it, die for it
It was not a gift from the whites
It was our Ancestors blood that flooded
Must we keep our flag high
We must work, we must be together
For other countries to respect Us
This flag is the soul of the Haitian People.


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