God is not Good. God is the Devil.

October 14, 2017

You always have to look up the etymology of words to get the true meaning used by the psychopathic Dark Kabbalistic Jewish elites.


God refers to the Christian god and we already know that that god is the devil. Jesus is the devil. Christianity and Catholicism are both Satanism. That’s right. Christians are Satanists and don’t even know it. If they practice Gnosticism they could correct this trickery hoisted upon them from childhood but they won’t because the Devil has them convinced that anything different is Satanic when in fact their entire religion is the Satanism.

god (n.)
Old English god “supreme being, deity; the Christian God; image of a god; godlike person,” from Proto-Germanic *guthan (source also of Old Saxon, Old Frisian, Dutch god, Old High German got, German Gott, Old Norse guð, Gothic guþ), from PIE *ghut- “that which is invoked” (source also of Old Church Slavonic zovo “to call,” Sanskrit huta- “invoked,” an epithet of Indra), from root *gheu(e)- “to call, invoke.”

But some trace it to PIE *ghu-to- “poured,” from root *gheu- “to pour, pour a libation” (source of Greek khein “to pour,” also in the phrase khute gaia “poured earth,” referring to a burial mound; see found (v.2)). “Given the Greek facts, the Germanic form may have referred in the first instance to the spirit immanent in a burial mound” [Watkins]. See also Zeus. In either case, not related to good.
Popular etymology has long derived God from good; but a comparison of the forms … shows this to be an error. Moreover, the notion of goodness is not conspicuous in the heathen conception of deity, and in good itself the ethical sense is comparatively late.

Originally a neuter noun in Germanic, the gender shifted to masculine after the coming of Christianity. Old English god probably was closer in sense to Latin numen. A better word to translate deus might have been Proto-Germanic *ansuz, but this was used only of the highest deities in the Germanic religion, and not of foreign gods, and it was never used of the Christian God. It survives in English mainly in the personal names beginning in Os-. (<== meaning Osiris/Asar/Wsir which they stole from Kemet and perverted as usual since that’s all pink devils can do.)

Use the terms Creator or Divine or Supreme…..or use the real name like Neberdjer or Bondye. Never use the word “god” to refer to anything holy or good. It’s not. It’s not a coincidence this word is German or that whites refer to dogs as their best friends. Dog is god backwards and Satan loves everything backwards, in reverse or upside-down because it cannot mirror the true Creator. Why does Dogon spell no god backwards? Because they knew THEY were the true creators and not some external fantasy like Jesus which is really another name for Satan. Evil is live backwards. Melanated people are evil because we live. Whites are dead. They are the people of god because God is Satan. Get it? Christianity aka Satanism has tricked you. All of the Abrahamic religions are lies.

Whites can only copy what melanated people do, re-arrange it and then steal credit for it…..the same way whites have done with everything on this planet. They then teach these lies to our children in public mis-education so they grow up with no or low self-esteem ending up in jail, prison or dead. It’s also no accident either that German has the word germ in it. These creatures really ARE germs…….germs, bacteria and viruses. Whites have so many dis-eases because their have no dark melanin. Eumelanin naturally heals everything when given enough sun and clean water.

Whites are also parasites of blacks but they are not white. White means pure. Whites only consume everything and then spread to another area until they run out of new areas and then they become parasites and feed off the host eventually killing it if allowed. They constantly drain the  energy from our melanin when we are close to them or touching them. Imagine how bad fucking one of them actually is??!?! You could lose your soul people!!!!!! This is no fucking joke!!!!

Blacks are not black. Black means bleach. It also can be viewed as be-leech. Who is the bleached leech? Why are viruses in the body always white in color? Whites know what they are deep down. They are just on vacation from hell in a nicer realm than they are used to and they don’t want to go back home to their regular shithole so they are turning our heaven into the hell they are used to. They have no choice in returning to hell though and the sooner the better. I pray for their deaths every single hour of every day for what they have done to people of color worldwide for hundreds of years….and I know the Creator is listening because I am the Creator!!!!!! Burn Hellywood Burn!!!!!! and I meant hell!!!!!!! Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

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