Why Whites are NOT Humans

October 9, 2017
  1. They have no hue
  2. Their DNA is largely Neanderthal or Denisovan
  3. They only value money and violence
  4. They destroy the environment
  5. The eat dead things and call them delicacies.
  6. They eat raw flesh and are hyper-carnivores (over 70% of diet is raw flesh)
  7. Their god is Satan (aka Jesus masked as a loving forgiving god really a demon)
  8. The Sun kills them but gives everything else life
  9. They are obsessed with flatulence and feces
  10. When they sweat it smells like sulfur….which all demons do
  11. They love incest
  12. They love anal sex
  13. They overdose on drugs trying to find a nonexistent soul
  14. They are nomads and nomad backwards is demon
  15. They eat their young
  16. They had no language and didn’t walk upright until blacks taught them how

When slavery is over you are supposed to stop worshiping the former master’s gods/dogs. That’s why they cannot understand the Dogon. They are spiritual beings and it spells NO GOD backwards because they know the Creator is internal NOT EXTERNAL!!!!!!

Pray for their death but pray to OUR divinities. Praying to theirs only empowers them and kills us. If you’re a coon then go ahead and sell out. Coons are going down with the Titanic. Even now Napa Valley is burning to the ground and the pink devils still don’t understand karma. haha…….dumb……just like monkeys.

If that’s not enough then try using your two functioning eyes:


and this is them fighting…..the very thing that the Book of Enoch says will destroy them all…..forever. Remember it’s black fur and pink skin under it.

Blak Rant

Committed to restoring logic to an overly emotional people



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