Indigenous People’s Day Is Black (Not Red)

October 9, 2017

The red people who migrated to America found nothing but blacks when they arrived. The reds had already migrated from Asia and mixed with the Olmecs in Mexico so they already were a mixed breed. This is why falsely called “Indians” look somewhat Asian. They ARE part Asian but they are NOT indigenous. Blacks are indigenous to the entire planet. We were everywhere first because God put us here first. Whites and their servile buttkissing minions are liars. Blacks are always the first people on any planet because we have the highest melanin content which is Spirit in flesh. Melanin, along with a functional pineal gland, is a flesh tether into the material world from the Spirit realm.

Whites know nothing about this or anything spiritual for that matter. They were long ago cut off from Divinity because of the evil of their past deeds that they only worsen over time. Some say they never had any melanin. Some say they lost it. What we know is that whites were an experiment go awry. They were likely created using black sexual tantra that left them trapped in the lower chakras unable to hear the voice of the Creator at the higher chakras. What was too bad for them has now become the world’s burden. There is no white man’s burden. The white man is the black man’s burden.

Blacks are native indigenous and the federal government knows it. They continue to refuse to acknowledge any black tribes, only the phony red ones, so that blacks never get their land back. The land will be returned one way or another. Whites always choose the violent bloody way. It is all they know being children of Satan. They are not supposed to be here at all so the Divine is causing them all sorts of illnesses and natural disasters to wipe them (and their buttkissers) off the planet. I can’t wait until they’re all dead.

Also never use the word god because it refers to Satan not the one true Creator who in Bondye or Neberdjer. God is Dog backwards. Whites love dogs because they ARE dogs. They exhibit the same behavioral traits and animal instincts. Satan takes everything and reverses it so dog becomes god so basically saying god is the same as saying Satan or the Ego. You have to understand what the pink devil really is. They are NOT humans. They are mankind……or a kind of man……not human at all but able to walk around and speak because black people taught them how. They have only been alive about 1000 years. Most of their history is completely lies and fabrication but they believe it as long as it keeps them on top. Whites are about to be wiped off the planet and there isn’t a damn thing they can do to stop it. The true Creator can never be defeated. They know that. They just keep pretending the Creator is actually Satan when it is NOT.


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