The Trumpman Show: Obama is Still President

August 24, 2017

People call me a conspiracy theorist because it makes them feel good to insult people searching for the truth because they are stupid, lazy and distracted by sports, drugs, sex and a worthless job. Conspiracy just means two people getting together in private toward some end, good or bad. Theory is what we think they are doing or did based on things that happen later because no one was in the room with them and hence we cannot know 100% everything that transpired. Regardless of that handicap where there is smoke there is usually fire. You know a tree by the fruit it bears. Apple trees don’t grow oranges. If the government behaves like we have no rights then it means we have no rights. Having no rights mean the Constitution has been suspended. If the Constitution has been suspended that means we are under martial law. If we are under martial law that means there was no REAL election and Trump is not president. It means Obama is still president and Trump is just a reality TV show joke by the elite. Call it the Trumpman Show like the Truman Show like the one starring Jim Carrey.

Look at the 139 executive orders Obama signed. These are only the ones we know about. There are hundreds of others that are classified and will not be released for decades, assuming we are still alive then.


You’re barking up the wrong tree people. Obama is still president. He just moved out of the White House to make it look convincing. That also means Joe Biden is still Vice President. You’re being conned and wireless 5G is going to ensure you never wake up from your slumber this time. It’s already being deployed…….and without FCC approval because the military circumvented it to LOCK YOU DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!

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