The Only Three Reasons Whites Ever Help Kem/Afrikans

June 18, 2017

Afrikan people should know by now that whites can never be trusted at any time in any way. They are obsessed with Ego and Materialism. Nothing else matters to them. They do not love God because they do not know God. You cannot know God without dark melanin and a functional pineal gland neither of which they have. So why do they pretend they want to help us? Because it benefits them. Don’t fall for their phony smiles and empty sentiment. It will come back to haunt you if you do.

Here are the only reasons they pretend to care about us and our cause to liberate this planet:

  1. Assuage their guilt over 400 years of slaughter of us by them and their ancestors which still continues to this very day with no end in sight.
  2. Fear of God and the massive amounts of karma they will have to pay and have already started paying.
  3. To spy on us and see what we’re doing so they can report back to COINTELPRO and have us infiltrated and separated.

Whites NEVER want to help us. NEVER. They are jealous of us and the things we can do and have done in the past…which of course they omit or give credit to themselves for. They want our melanin to bring them back into the favor of God but it doesn’t work that way. Some things cannot be stolen. They must be given. I ain’t giving them shit. Melanin is a weapon that can be used with pyramids. Once we realize this and combine our energies we can annihilate the entire white race instantaneously without lifting a finger, firing one bullet, marching one more useless march or throwing one punch. The white man’s job is to make sure our melanin stays asleep since they cannot use it as a weapon against us. Melanin is the God particle that gives us eternal life…..and whites are soulless demons who want to become eternal but currently only get one life. Let’s make sure this is their last one…..and end that one prematurely. If you have sex with them you are killing your own people by extending white existence. Never forget that. You are diluting God with the Devil. That carries a heavy karmic penalty with it.

This planet is ours and I’m taking it back.

Blak Rant

Committed to restoring logic to an overly emotional people



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