Why Many Whites Kill Themselves

June 13, 2017

White people today are not completely without eumelanin or dark melanin. They have some from all the raping of native women they have done all over the planet. Of course we original people are also stupid enough to give it to them during sex and in the conception of a mixed child. Melanin is so powerful though that even when whites are at their fiercest and ready to exterminate all people of color that small amount of melanin will sometimes prevent it. If they carry it out, however, that same small amount will often produce a tremendous feeling of guilt they cannot live with for the evil they did. Hence they commit suicide. Its a built-in safeguard from God folks. Be glad it’s real.

The other problem for whites is that they define themselves completely by materialism. The only thing that matters to them is well…….matter. Matter comes from the Latin (aka Afrikan) word mater which means mother. Whites never get in touch with their feminine side and hence live completely out of balance with nature. Nothing created by nature can live outside of nature for very long. Nature exterminates it to re-establish balance or Ma’at. Whites are anti-Ma’atian. They only espouse the masculine principle which is the reason they are so violent, greedy, paranoid and perverted. If your god is money then when you run out you no longer have a reason to live. This is what we see happening right in front of our eyes. Jews are orchestrating it but who cares really? Whites were jumping off building on Wall Street during the last market slump/crash.

Earth is moving through a high energy area of space right now. NASA (aka NAZI) knows this so the white race is doubling its effort to keep our dark melanin suppressed so that we do not awaken to our former greatness. Once we do we can destroy them all just by thinking about it. No actual violence would even be necessary…..although I would certainly enjoy some revenge personally for what they did to my ancestors and hence me. Your time is up whitey and not soon enough it was.

Blak Rant

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