King James Lebron Is A Jesus Metaphor

June 10, 2017

Is King James going to lead black folks to the promised land by making millions of dollars playing for Jewish owners in the NBA? Not likely. First of all there is no such thing as black people. We are Kem…as in Kemetyu from Kemet. There is no ancient Egypt. The land boundaries had some overlap but Kemet was huge compared to what Europeans now call Egypt since the Arab invasion and expulsion of the true original Kemites who were so black they were damn near purple.

Lebron to me is a joke. I usually don’t like Sagittarians anyway being a Pisces myself. I find them shallow. Sadge is ruled by Jupiter the planet of expansion but they always try to expand all over everyone else in arrogance and excessive pride. Pisceans are also ruled by Jupiter but we have a planet of co-rulership….Neptune. Neptune is the spiritual planet that tames that arrogance and pride because it sees the oneness in everything. Lebron is missing that. Frankly so is my mother.

Case and point Ice Cube has been gettin’ his paper for the longest time so I had thought he had completely sold out. Not so. He just went the fuck off on Bill Maher on his own show.

He also just re-released Death Certificate from 25 years with 3 new tracks. He is also starting a Big 3 basketball league so released players like AI can still play. This is the shit Lebron should be doing but nope. It’s all about Lebron all the time. You know that’s the only reason he didn’t stay in Miami. He can’t stand having to share the spotlight with Dwyane Wade who for some reason still considers Lebron a good friend, probably for the money and exposure.

Watching the game last night I noticed Lebron’s complete disdain for Andre Iguodala. Lebron just hates the fact that the old man is still in shape and dunking all over his team. This made me think about how Lebron’s dad basically abandoned him so he has issues with strong black male figures dunking on him because it reminds him of how his own dad dunked out on his mom. Basically he’s in the “sunken”” place. He ain’t coming out of it either but I don’t care. It’s all his karma. What I do care about is the symbolism of him being King James as some reference to the mythical Jesus that reinforces that lie in the minds of Afrikan people. That lie continues to keep us enslaved and Jews never spare an opportunity to make sure we keep ourselves mentally and spiritual enslaved.


Look above at Serapis on the left and Jesus on the right. Constantine made up Serapis at the Council of Nicea and then that eventually became Jesus. They just wanted to centralize control through one god so they combined a bunch into one. It’s all thoroughly documented but dumb ass black people don’t even want to hear the facts. Instead they prefer to continue to suffer under white supremacy and give their soul energy away every Sunday to a white gay man that never even existed. Even if he was dark skinned it’s still a myth. I don’t give a fuck if Jesus was purple. It’s a purple lie. I won’t even get started on that Yeezus nonsense. God is coming. She’s already here in me.

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