How To End Your Addiction To White Women

June 10, 2017

Idiots. Stop watching porn The porn industry is run by Satanic Jews (although that is redundant because they are all Satanic). Most of the stars are white Gentile females and females Jews. Of course they are all white since the false Jews became whites by mixing with people of lighter complexion from Canaan and other places. Women of color can be freaky as hell but none are as nasty and degenerate as white and Jewish females. If you are hooked on that type of sex then something is wrong with you. You have no respect for the female, for the woman or for the feminine principle in general.

I understand most American women deserve no respect because they believe themselves to be nothing but sex objects after hundreds of years of sick white and Jewish male paternalism, mostly from the Jewish media and religion. Most women spend their entire lives trying to be pretty to men and trying to get the attention of men. That’s why there are so many strippers, porn stars and sluts everywhere in America. It’s spreading worldwide too. Family traditions are being discarded like last week’s turkey dinner. Without that foundation women become receptacles of every known kind of filth on the planet because the man’s role is to filter out things that are unhealthy for the home from the outside. Women filter out the bad stuff from the inside.

I used to watch a lot of porn myself when I was younger. I couldn’t get enough of Big Butt Sluts #27 or whatever just came out….no pun intended. When I stopped or at least drastically reduced it my craving for filthy sex also plummeted. I found myself longing for normal relationships instead of getting plastered and gangbanging some skank. This is your brain on porn. Once you stop all the emotionless empty sex the real you will start to emerge in a few weeks. You can’t keep just wasting your seed with masturbation. Those energies are needed internally to awaken consciousness. They have to be transmuted but that is an entirely different story. Men do NOT have infinite sexual energy. When we run out it’s over. Then we usually turn to viagra, levitra and cialis…….completely unhealthy and unnatural but that is how whites and Jews like to roll.

Women have infinite sexual energy because they are the creative force. We come from them so we don’t have all the energy that they do. They stepped us down a bit like a transformer because our job was to lead them back from their spiritual fall into hypermaterialism. This is why Jews and white advertisers target women. They are vulnerable to these tactics and techniques because of their receptive nature. If the woman dies then we all die. That should be clear. Of course I’m referring to the black woman or melanated women. The white woman is born damn near barren and they always have problems trying to conceive and carry to term. Melanated men should not bail these creatures out with mixed children. You are resurrecting evil and diluting the God gene in us….which is GENIUS!!!!!!!

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