Where Did Whites Come From?

May 28, 2017

There are many theories on the origin of Anglos, Europeans or what people commonly call whites. Some can be dismissed off hand like Michael Bradley’s Iceman Inheritance which asserts that whites are really Afrikans who got trapped by the last Ice Age in Europe in a glacial environment with very little Sun. Over time they supposedly lost their dark melanin, grew hairy for the cold and now burn in the Sun. That could never happen within the span of their existence. Evolution from a physical perspective takes thousands and thousands of years. Perhaps Bradley’s intent was to throw everyone off the scent so to speak. We all know whites smell like puppy dogs when they get wet from the sulfur in their skin.

The first and most likely scenario is that whites are the physical manifestation of the Afrikan spiritual fall from excessive materialism. No kingdom can last forever despite the long run of Kemet for thousands of years, a feat that could never be equaled by the reckless Neanderzoid. When you are highly evolved spiritually you can manifest your pure thoughts instantly. When you begin to lower your vibration eventually you reach a point where thought alone is insufficient. You must actually take action. It’s the same way with karma. Over time when repeatedly enough the lower vibration will manisfest physically to remind you that you are fucking up. Whites are the physical manifestation of the spiritual fuck-up of the Afrikan.

The second possibility is that whites are genetically engineered….sort of the like the clones from Star Wars. Someone probably got lazy and didn’t want to fight their own wars or perhaps was tired of being defeated so they started mucking around with the human genome until they were able to breed a cruel, unfeeling monsters with no scruples whatsoever. Of course if that happened and then whites also bred with the Neanderthal (which they did) there is no limit to the carnage they would cause….and they did not fail to disappoint in that regard. Who did this? Who had the technology? Reptiles, archons, lower dimensional beings or whatever you want to call them. They feed off the energy of the planet but since they are inorganic beings they have to send creatures in flesh to lower everyone’s vibration so they can feed from a nearby distance outside of the atmosphere. I believe whites were the first attempt and the Jews were the second or perhaps the Jews were put in charge of the whites. The Jew is much more uncivilized than the average Neanderzoid.

A third theory is that whites are aliens either extra or intra-terrestrial. Which one doesn’t matter to me. When I see how whites can never live in harmony with Netjer or nature clearly they are out of place and not supposed to be here…..or anywhere in the Universe for that matter. Nature hates them and they hate nature. The Sun burns them up. Natural disasters follow them wherever they go…especially trailer parks. haha…They consume everything and destroy everything. Fortunately they stupidly end up consuming their own poison because they are so materialistic they never worry about how toxic their crap is to them or the environment. Then they die out rather quickly while people of color live on because the melanin keeps cleaning up our insides as best it can. Melanin is God. Let’s just keep it real and God don’t like ugly. Whites also love recreational sex so much that they screw themselves out of existence by mating with people of color. In addition they have a host of medical problems that people of color don’t have because melanin heals by removing parasites and other harmful organisms from the body as long as it is healthy with good food, exercise and sunlight. Whites also commit suicide more than others and are currently in the throes of an opioid overdose epidemic. Whites either never had melanin or had it taken away. The result is the same. Disconnection from Divinity.

My final salvo is that whites are the descendants of the progeny of the Fallen Angels aka Devils. I have no idea how giants fit their huge dicks into regular native women but the Book of Enoch says it happened. I know what you’re thinking. If they mated with native people then whites would be black. In this case I believe the giants probably had no much power that even though they were recessive whites their genes were still able to dominate regular native people and produce a race of whites that still rule the planet today but not for much longer.  Their time us nearly up…..2030 is a stretch. I’m thinking 2022-2023. Some say 2025. Either way you get my drift. Evil from ignorance of this magnitude cannot be allowed to continue. It is a danger to be very existence of the Universe itself. Whites won’t listen and repent or avert. They can’t….not without the melanin and a functional pineal gland. The time has come to retake our throne people of color worldwide. We have a lot of housecleaning to do from the mess this subhuman race of monsters have perpetrated on all of us.




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