Things Blacks Should Know About Whites

May 9, 2017
  1. Whites are light-skinned Afrikans. They lost their dark  melanin in previous lives from their defiance to God and excessive materialism. They are still stuck on stupid.
  2. Jews are Afrikans who mixed with whites in Canaan to get light skin. You can still see their curly hair and huge noses although now defective from the Neanderthal genes they inherited from whites.
  3. Whites do not have a developed pre-frontal cortex meaning they largely lack the ability to experience empathy, hence their disposition for war and violence.
  4. Whites are albinos of the human race. Normally albinos are discarded by nature but someone/something assisted them with technology so they could dominate the world for 6000 years….which is almost up.
  5. Whites get lice. Afrikan people do not.
  6. The Sun destroys the skin of whites because they have a different and recessive type of melanin.
  7. Psychology is an branch of medicine that deals with the mental issues of Europeans only. It does not apply to any races of color.
  8. Whites didn’t start the African slave trade. Jews did. They then used the profits to start Rothschild central banking to enslave everyone including non-Jewish whites.
  9. Since whites come from the spiritual fall of Afrikans they cannot exist without us. Once Afrikan people worldwide reclaim our original religion from Kemet and atone for our defiance to God the white race will disappear. This is inevitable and whites know it.
  10. Whites claim blacks are apes but the opposite is true. Primates have white skin and dark fur. Are we comparing skin to skin or skin to fur?
  11. Whites will become more and more violent the closer they get to their genetic demise so we should fully expect a drastic decrease in world population.
  12. Whites are born dead but their corpses are animated from draining the energy of Afrikan dark melanin. Without us they could not even move. They would all be stillborn.
  13. Afrikans taught whites how to stand erect. They still walk funny. Many of them still have the short big toe and long second toe condition called Morton’s toe. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morton%27s_toe. Whites used these the same way primates did to climb trees. You never see this abnormality in Afrikans…..NEVER.
  14. Some whites have a simian line on one or both palms. Normally there is a head line for intellect and a separate heart line for emotions/empathy. In some whites and many Asians there is only one line. They didn’t fuse together. They just never had a heart line. Heartless.
  15. Whites have no homeland because Afrikans had already populated the entire planet before the spiritual fall created demelanated Afrikans or whites. Hence whites claim Europe, America, New Zealand and Australia as their homelands even though they all still belong to the native indigenous.
  16. Whites believe civilization and technology are the same thing. They are not.
  17. When people of color are not around whites fight each other until all of them are dead.
  18. Whites requires alcohol to metabolize different types of nutrients. That is not a requirement of Afrikan people.
  19. Whites have had a negative birth rate for many years now. In other words they are not replacing themselves and hence are dying out. It is only a matter of time before they are extinct.
  20. Whites are still trying to duplicate melanin in their science labs. It will never work because melanin is the God particle and can only be made by God itself.
  21. White racism is a psychopathic racial disorder. Racism is a mental illness brought about by genetic disorders common in whites. Jews have even more.
  22. Whenever whites accuse Afrikan people of something negative (which is all they ever do) it is because they themselves practice the behavior not the Afrikan people. A perfect example is how they say the AIDS disease (actually a hoax) came from Afrikans having sex with monkeys. We already know whites had sex with the Neaderthal animal because the DNA is in their genes and not in the Afrikan’s.
  23. Whites are natural cannibals. Afrikans are natural vegetarians. The more we fell spiritually the more meat we began to consume.
  24. Ingestion of pork activate the immune system of Afrikans. It does nothing to whites since they are already dead……just like the manmade pig. If God didn’t make it then it’s dead.
  25. Whites know they are already dead which explains their love of vampires and zombies.
  26. Anything you see in the media is actually inside the mind of white people as a whole. Sickness.
  27. Afrikans taught whites how to build ships and sail. What did they do? Their explorers almost always got lost at sea and ended up at the wrong destination. We also know what happened to their unsinkable Titanic. God is still in charge people….and always will be. The white god complex is just that……a complex. It’s another one of their mental defects from their genetic deficiency.
  28. Yes whites really did live in caves once they were confined to Europe aka Your Rope. Once they were released into the world they used that same rope to hang Afrikan people and anyone resisting white supremacy.
  29. Afrikans taught whites how to bury their dead. In Europe they would just leave rotting corpses out exposed or even worse….eat them.
  30. White males and female never emotionally bonded because their genetic deficiencies and the harsh environment of their colder climates. That is why they still love the cold. It is also why the men and women cannot get along and hence Jewish feminism which nothing to do with people of color.
  31. Whites are extremely hairy because they come from colder climates.
  32. If you look at whites under UV lighting it will scare the hell out of you.
  33. Whites are cursed by God so they project that onto Afrikans and say we are under the curse of Ham in their fictional Bible (buy-bull). The Bible is 10% fact, 40% lies and 50% symbolism. Christianity is just a front for white supremacy.
  34. The pineal gland is the antenna for dark melanin found throughout the Afrikan body not just in the skin. Whites are missing the dark melanin and their pineal gland is largely calcified. This is karma from excessive materialism in defiance of God in this life and previous ones. A few of them can and will save themselves and re-gain their Afrikan status in future re-births but it will be much less than 1% of them. Once the downward spiral of hypermaterialism has you in its whirlpool almost no one makes it out. Whites are like AM radio. They get line of sight reception and although it can go long distances on Earth by bouncing off the atmosphere and using technology it cannot transcend. Afrikan people are FM radio. We modulate our frequency and can transcend space and time using our dark melanin. Whites are not cursed by God. Whites are Afrikans that cursed themselves.
  35. Sunscreen actually allows more UV radiation through when whites are tanning so it actually gives them cancer more than it prevents it. That was done on purpose by the Jews who still fear the Slavs (slaves) and the British (Brutish). They have no idea and keep splashing it on killing themselves in Heru/Ra/Sekhmet aka the Sun of God.
  36. NASA has never had a manned mission anywhere because whites cannot go into space. Space is dark melanin or dark matter as they call it. That’s us. Whites don’t have it so they cannot go. Everything you see on TV and internet is an elaborate and not so elaborate ruse. Whites believe it because they want it to be true. It’s not. We haven’t been anywhere. Blacks could go but they’re afraid we might gain some advantage over them and free our people from this global enslavement.
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