Latinos Want to Replace White Supremacy with “Light” Supremacy

February 24, 2017

I used to love Latino people. Now I can plainly see they are nothing but another bunch of wannabees that will do anything to obtain the status of white so they can go to hell with the rest of the demons. I should have known anyone practicing Catholicism has to be evil as hell knowing about the Pope, Vatican and all the pedophilia and outright theft of billions they are behind on a global scale.

Well you ain’t getting any more help from blacks. We cast you demons out. Now the white man wants to deport ALL of you and I’m 100% ok with it. Goodbye suckers and losers. We warned you that light ain’t white. Now back to your slums so we can send the military down there to bomb the hell out of you. Next time choose your own people. Just because you got invaded by Spain instead of Britain does not make you better than God’s original people. Dumb asses…..

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