Most Westerners are using the wrong Zodiac sign

February 19, 2017

Astrology is African just like everything else on the planet. When other races appeared they all used the same system that came out of Africa (really named Alkebulan). The planets and stars used to be aligned perfectly until the spiritual fall of the original people…all of coal black complexion and all over the planet. When that happened the Earth developed a wobble that we know call the procession of the equinoxes. It’s nothing but changing our earthly perspective to the stars and planets so that the soul has a way to rediscover itself since we screwed it up with excessive materialism.

Everything before western astrology has always used sidereal calculations which account for the procession. Westerners said screw it basically and I think they did it on purpose because they knew that over time one sign would start spilling into the next giving everyone the wrong information. This is ALL done on purpose by the godless ones we allow to be in power. They don’t want us having any TRUTH whatsoever. I believe this is why so many Jews and gays are in astrology. It’s been stacked against us by those groups. To me Jewish and gay are synonymous. Gay is not the new black. It’s just the same old Jew.

Every 72 years the gap between true sidereal and false tropical grows about one degree so now it’s about 24 degrees. Do you know what that means? It means if you choose to use tropical you are almost 80% likely to be one sign ahead of your actual signs because nothing has accounted for the stars, which is exactly what sidereal means. Take me for example. Tropical says I am a Pisces with Sun at 14 degrees. Wrong. I am not a Pisces. I do not feel like a Pisces. I do not act like a Pisces. Pisces is about self-sacrifice. I am not sacrificing shit for a planet full of half witted morons. Yes I do drink too much but Aquarians do that too.

Move my sign backwards 24 degrees and now I am at 20 degrees Aquarius. That is exactly what I am. I hate most people…..almost all. I hate liars. I love to help others mostly old people and children. I hate organized religion and any type of fitting in at all. I can feel other people’s emotions. I have a sharp mind and a bad temper. My dress and behavior is erratic. That is all Aquarius. So why can’t westerners realize that they have been lied to? Unless you are in the last six or seven degrees (24-30) of your tropical sign it is impossible for you to be that sign using sidereal. For cuspers who cares?….but the cusp must be determined from sidereal not tropical.

The European shit is just plain wrong folks…..as usual….all image and no substance or truth. Souls are stars so how can you perform astrology without taking the stars into account? That is asinine beyond belief. Maybe if Europeans have no souls then tropical DOES apply to them but not to people of color. This why I call most white people God filters. Their lack of dark melanin and that calcified pineal gland keeps them from seeing the most basic and obvious spiritual concepts so they keep cranking away at meaning formulas and patterns all based on faulty assumptions. Of course no one cares about God when you think you already are God. That is the European’s problem…..and theirs alone.

Unless you’re 24-30 degrees in your Sun sign your true sign is the one before it. And if you’re around the 24 degrees that means you’re a cusper for the tropical wrong sign and the sidereal true sign. I don’t have any idea why this is even debated like it could possibly be wrong. It’s not.

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