Why People With Souls Require Sidereal Astrology

February 10, 2017

I never really looked too much into sidereal astrology because I thought it meant that I would need to learn Vedic astrology. Wrong. Tropical and sidereal are just whether the stars are considered in any astrological system. The two are mutually exclusive. You can have tropical in Vedic and sidereal in Western. There is a tendency to try to make yourself fit into your Western birth chart but sometimes things just don’t fit even though you know you have a highly accurate birth time. So I decided to look at my Western chart using sidereal. Boom. There it is.

It is said that over 3 billion people on this planet have no souls. I cannot confirm that but I sure as hell don’t deny it either. Yes some of them are YOUR friends and relatives….mine too. My point is that the stars must be considered when there is a soul present because all souls come from stars regardless of skin color. It is my personal belief that blacks come with souls and it is up to them to claim them. I believe that whites do not and so they have to earn one and then also claim it. In other words tropical astrology works best on those who are soulless. Those with souls will find that sidereal generally works best. I have not tried to prove this because science cannot prove anything. It’s just a bunch of theories…..ALL of it!!!!!!!

Do not assume that you have a soul just because sidereal fits you best. That’s not what I said just like you should not assume you don’t just because tropical works best for you.

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