The Three Metaphysical Races

November 20, 2016

There are only three races of people on this planet and they are not Negroid, Caucasoid and Mongoloid. The true races are metaphysical beyond the physical. They are indigenous people, Eurasian and Jews. The indigenous are black natives, reds (black + Asian), Africans, Eskimos, Latinos, aboriginals etc. These are the people that sprang from the very ground itself through Creation. At this time there were NO Eurasians or Jews on the planet whatsoever. Over time the original people fell from their spirituality through arrogance and greed. The result was that we spawned a race of parasitic beings called Europeans. Our degeneracy had to result in their physical manifestation according to the Laws of Tehuti or what the Euro calls the Kybalion.

Asians belong with the European in general. They have a similar mindset when it comes to everything. They are excessively violent. They fake spirituality. They are overly intellectual and display very little positive emotions. They tend to be very jealous of each other and everyone. The men tend to be more feminine. This includes Indians, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Koreans to a degree. The southeastern Asians are not included in this group. These are the Filipinos, Cambodians, Hmong, Laotians, etc. because they are mostly an indigenous people who mixed with Europeans but have not diluted themselves so much that their degeneration is complete.

The last group is a double parasite…..the European Jew. They are the physical manifestation of pure evil. They represent everything that is negative about matter. They completely lack any and all spiritual components of being. Eurasians still have embryonic souls. Not the Jew. There is no saving them. There is no redeeming them. They not only parasite off the original people but also Eurasians. That is why they are a double parasite. Their only mission in life is to do the opposite of what Netjer (the one true God) does. They worship their phony debt/death fiat currency. They have sex with babies and children, boys and girls to steal their life force to live longer. They eat children. They pervert everything. They force women into the workforce so the family is neglected. They normalize gay behavior. They can only lie. They steal everything. They pretend the Holohoax is real to get sympathy to gain power. They did 9/11. There is no afterlife for them. They are the Walking Dead and their job is to transform you into the exact same thing. All other racial classifications are completely and utter bullshit.

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